View Full Version : Update from Rachel (atlbaby)

twins r fun
10-31-2003, 12:17 AM
Just got an email from Rachel. They are home and doing well. They did have to take the baby to the cardiologist today (at 3 days old) because she was sometimes turning purple while nursing. The good news is that the cardiologist did all kinds of tests and said everything is fine! What a relief, I'm sure. The baby will be named on Saturday so hopefully we will get to hear soon after! Other than that, it sounds like things are pretty busy around there-she mentioned the 2nd time around being so different and not even having a second to sit down! I'm sure she's a busy lady, but absolutely attentive to both her little girls' needs. I know we all can't wait to hear more.

She also wanted me to let you all know that she had gotten a chance to read the posts written here and was very touched by everyone's congratulations and excitement over her baby girl's birth.