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10-31-2003, 01:36 AM
Hi, my name is Lisa and I finally decided to come out of the woodwork!! I have been lurking since I got pregnant last year! This site has been a lifesaver with registering and buying for a new baby!!

I am a soon to be SAHM (my last day of work is Tuesday!!) I am the proud mommy to 5 1/2 month old Lydia. She is the light of my life and I love every minute of motherhood! I can't wait to get to know everybody here!

Mommy to Lydia~5/13/2003

11-01-2003, 01:34 AM
So glad you came out of the woodwork!! I look forward to seeing you here. And a big welcome to Lydia too!

Mary & Lane 4/6/03
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11-01-2003, 12:38 PM
Coming out feels good, doesn't it?! Hope to see you around.

11-03-2003, 03:07 PM
Welcome, Lisa! Isn't it great to finally be "out" and no longer just lurking?

Congrats on becoming a SAHM!

11-03-2003, 08:43 PM
Welcome Lisa and Lydia! Congrats on your last day of work, and looking forward to getting to know you better. LOVE Lydia's name!

11-04-2003, 05:57 PM
Welcome! Glad you are here. And congratulations...on motherhood and on your SAHM-dom. Welcome to the club!