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08-26-2003, 01:55 PM
My MIL is willing to try to make me a ring sling and I want to see if she can make it as similar to the Zolo as possible. I will get the chinese silk and the metal rings from Nestmom. I will also have her serge the sides and create a little pocket in the tail. My other questions are...

1. Is the Zolo lined? Is it double thickness or can you see the "backside" of the fabric?

2. Is there any padding along the shoulder or the rails? Do you think there should be? (I only have a New Native at this point and really like how small it can get, but am wondering if padding would be better once DS gets bigger).

Anything else you think would make it more Zolo-like?

08-26-2003, 02:32 PM
I too was wanting a silk/ zolo like sling, but for the price, thought I would try to go it on my own. Well, the final product turned out to be better than I could have hoped for.
I have created, and am now selling what I believe to be of the same quality/ style at less than 1/2 the price.
So, if you would like to take some of the guesswork out of it- fabric selection/ pattern etc. I have a few available.
I am currently selling on e-bay, but if anyone is interested please contact me directly through these boards.
Below is the e-bay link.

Thanks to Alan and Denise for permission to post.

08-26-2003, 02:35 PM
The Zolo silk does have 2 layers, the brocade and the dupioni. They are hemmed and stitched together on the edges, no serging. The cotton is one layer and serged, so I'm told. Because the silk is two layers, the pocket is set in (right term?) as opposed to a patch pocket on the one-layer cotton.

The Zolo has a very constructed shoulder, different from most other slings. It's folded and stitched down.

There is a toy ring on the shoulder to hang things from, but I don't see myself using this much.

What exactly about the Zolo are you trying to re-create? If you've tried one and know it's comfortable for you, then it's worth trying to duplicate the shoulder design. But if it's mostly looks you're after, another shoulder design should work. I have found the the shoulder on my silk zolo to be uncomfortable (it breaks my heart - we're trying to get it to work...)


08-27-2003, 02:33 AM
Hi Stacy,

I am interested in talking with you about a sling, can you email me? I was wondering if you have any other colors? I like the green cherry blossom the most.
Here is my email address [email protected] net no spaces.


08-27-2003, 11:49 AM
is just unfair. And I have to say I think this isn't playing nice. Darien just a few weeks ago went out of her way to these board members to give the 25% discount even if you didn't meet her $99 minimum, and now to be promoting your slings and talking about how to make knock-offs, just isn't nice.

1-- your slings are a silk/poly blend. Zolowear.com is silk/rayon which is 100% natural fibers and the natural fibers have more give to them, making them more comfy than a poly blend brocade.

2-- you don't have a pocket. Zolowear.com's pocket is wonderful! I can actually leave my purse in the car at the park and still have my cellphone, keys, and money in my pocket! This isn't a simple little pocket. It has a zipper and on the silk slings it is almost invisible. I almost hate to describe it as I don't want someone to copy it.

3-- The shoulder design of the Zolowear.com sling is outstanding. The webbing and the pleats make the sling so comfortable to wear. I wore my cotton Zolowear.com sling for 6+ hours at the Minnesota State Fair yesterday. I breastfeed my baby (4 months, 14 lbs) hands free and discreetly several times during the day.

4-- Zolowear.com uses a professional seamstress and a industrial sewing machine making the stiches strong and even. I am a quilter by heart and have a Pfaff sewing machine. Even as wonderful as it is, it just doesn't compare to an industrial machine.

Lastly, I just want to say that I think there is enough room in this world for lots of businesses. The consumer drives it and ultimately decides which businesses survive and thrive. But to say, "Hey, go pick out fabric on the Zolowear site and I'll make you one just as good" just doesn't sit well with me.

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08-27-2003, 12:40 PM
i think folks should be aware that the zolo slings are possibily the most well constructed slings i've seen- and that's due in large part to the type of machiene used to get the shoulder stitching just so. It's wrong to compare a home made sling to one of the zolo slings. Plus it's fine to try and copy a product for your own use, but to try and sell them to the public, well, that's just ripping off. I am in no way affiliated with Zolowear, but do know the woman who created this pattern and owns the company and she's an extremely hard working mom who pays her seamstresses fairily, and purchaces HIGH quality fabric and hardware. Her prices are totally fair and you get what you pay for.
whoops, i meant to reply to the post "to compare with zolowear.com"

08-27-2003, 12:42 PM
Thanks for your help, Beth. I appreciate it. :)

Unfortunately, I do not have the money, even at 25% off for a Zolo sling right now (and, in truth, I didn't realize that I would want one at the time that Zolo agreed to give the discount). I understand that the Zolo slings are the best of the best and that the one my MIL makes will not be able to compare, but I am sure that I will enjoy my MIL's hand-made one just as much because she made it...plus, this is a neat project to give to my MIL which will make her feel special and helpful.

I'm sorry to have started a bit of a brouhaha.

08-27-2003, 01:03 PM
Hi Stephanie,

I think maybe you are right. I was thinking of getting one beacause her sling seemed to be constructed in the shoulder differently and I read one comment that someone found the Zolo uncomfortable in the shoulder. But she is saying hers is the same as Zolowears which then wouldn't make sense for me to get one.

How is yours in the shoulder area? Do you find it comfortable?
My baby is almost 15 months and around 23 pounds. I have a non adjustable sling as well, but find that adjustable slings work better for us. Does your Zolo sling dig into your baby's legs when in the hip carrying position?


08-27-2003, 06:07 PM
I have just learned that someone was "copying" the Zolowear slings. Copying something you want for your OWN use in one thing, but to then try to profit from it, BLATANTLY BRAGGING that it is just like it, is selfish, rude & unethical. Again, if you want to sell slings, fine - but to use someone elses name & design SO blatantly is tantamount to stealing. & i also am shocked that Baby Bargains (who i USED to very much respect) is in any way supporting your product. Just my 2 cents.


08-27-2003, 06:26 PM
"I'm sorry to have started a bit of a brouhaha."

It wasn't you who created it, but the seller who posted after you did. I agree with the others here that it isn't nice to completely rip off someone's design for profit. But to try to re-create it for your own use, that's fine. My suspicion is that the person who did make the look-alikes was so pleased with her success that she wanted to share it and in her excitement maybe forgot her manners. Perhaps she will reconsider her marketing stragies now.


08-27-2003, 07:11 PM
I have only ever seen one person say that the shoulder of the Zolo is uncomfortable. All the other feedback I read here and on the babywearing Yahoo group says that it is more comfortable than other slings.

I have certainly found the Zolo design to be more comfortable than any other ring sling I have tried. (it's right up there with the KKAFP)

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08-27-2003, 09:21 PM
I initially had some shoulder problems and posted here asking about them. It felt like the seams were pushing down on my pointy shoulder bone and making it sore.

Since then, the problem seems to have miraciously resolved itself. I have no idea why. I must not have been getting the shoulder positioned absolutely correctly. I have started unfolding the outermost pleat and that might have helped also.

I love my Zolo. It beats the socks off my Maya. I can put my nearly one year old DS in it, adjust it, and forget about it. With my Maya I was continually adjusting and readjusting due to slipping rings/cloth.