View Full Version : Opinions on the Deuter Kid Carrier II and III?

09-08-2003, 12:37 PM
Hi All,

Our DD is turning 6 mos old in a few days. We have been using the Baby Bjorn frequently, but she is now getting quite heavy, and its not to practical to carry her in it for over an hour or so. So we want to move up to a framed backpack carrier, especially because my DW and I would like to resume our long walks and hikes. We'd like the carrier to be comfortable for our DD and us for 3 to 5 hours (with breaks of course), on trails.

I have read many of the threads talking about backpack carriers, and they have been a tremendous help. But my wife is adamant that we be able to try a carrier before purchasing, since she has already found out that the mid-range and higher Kelty carriers don't fit her right. Otherwise, I would have like to give the Bush Baby or the Vaude Swing a try. (Macpac is too expensive for us now, especially since the dollar has weakened since last summer.) The only carriers we've been able to try are Kelty and REI's. The REI Piggyback seemed like a good fit, but we are waiting to try on others.

One store about an hour drive from us carries Madden, Tough Traveler, and Deuter. We are planning on making the drive this weekend. From the past threads, I seem to recall that someone here purchased a Deuter Kid Carrier II last summer, and I was hoping to get that person's opinion after over a year of use.

Also, any other advice on backpack carriers would be much appreciated. We've never owned or used one before, and any tips on what we should look for or beware would be a tremendous help.