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10-11-2003, 11:05 AM
After luring on this board for a month or two and reading how much everyone loves their slings I have finally placed an order. I just ordered a hotsling and can't wait to get it. For all of you who have hotslings, is there anything I should know (ie tricks for adjusting them, etc) TIA

10-11-2003, 06:56 PM
Shoulder flips!! These are key in making the pouch tight enough and bringing baby in closer when in the hip carry or tummy to tummy. You take the top layer of fabric that's near your neck and pull it down over your shoulder. This tightens things up nicely. I have pictures if you need a visual. I don't think the hotsling site has any pictures of this. Also make sure that baby's butt is on the seam.

Kimberly H
10-11-2003, 07:27 PM
Beth, I'd love to see a picture! I have to learn this thing without a baby to practice on and Internet access could be spotty in China.

10-12-2003, 04:13 AM
I'd love to see a picture too if you wouldn't mind posting one. I just got my sling an hour ago and I love it, but I think it would be even better if I could tighten it.


10-12-2003, 10:08 AM
I ordered my first sling (also from hotsling) last week. Kristen said it should be mailed this week. I can't wait and would love to see pictures. Thanks!

~ mommy to Declan 3.24.03

10-12-2003, 04:36 PM
This site has a nice picture of a flip in the second from left at the top:


and the taupe one on this page:


And I've attached one of my hotsling. Unfortunately it's lined in black and blends in wth my black shirt so it's hard to see.


10-12-2003, 07:19 PM
Do you have a tentoes sling? The fabrics look really nice.

10-12-2003, 07:36 PM
Nope, but it DOES look nice!

10-12-2003, 08:21 PM
I've never tried the flip. Is it doable with pretty much any pouch? And, I'm still a little confused...what you do is put the pouch on like normal and then turn the shoulder inside out? Or you just pull the fabric down? Sorry...I know the pictures should have made it clear but it's getting late and I'm sleep-deprived! LOL!

BTW, your dd is so adorable! :-)

Kimberly H
10-13-2003, 08:46 PM
Beth, thanks for the pics! I think I might have to get a reversible HotSling now...

10-16-2003, 05:02 PM
I was set to get a Bjorn now i'm thinking about a sling.

10-16-2003, 09:54 PM

it's www.hotslings.com

It is a good sling to try if you aren't sure, it's not too expensive, the only thing is it is non adjustable. Slings are WONDERFUL....we have the baby bjorn, but only DH uses it. I use the sling all the time. I have 2 zolos, and I love them!! I also just ordered a mom and me pouch. A pouch is great for a newborn, you may want to try that out. I personally would go with something adjustable...either a sling or a pouch.
Did you decide on your diaper bag yet??


10-17-2003, 10:22 AM
Thanks for the tip! I am going to try it today and see if it makes a difference. I have not carried Ryan in the hip carry but his head control is so good now, I think I'm going to start!

Great pic of you in the sling! You have a cutie!

10-17-2003, 01:44 PM
a sling is cheaper, and more versatile than a Baby Bjorn.

More comfortable for both you and the baby too!

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10-21-2003, 07:50 PM
Thanks for the picture. It really helped. I think my hotsling may be a little big when I do the hip carry but it seems tight when I stick him in the pouch. I'll have to take it to the next BB get together for some assistance. By then I should have my mom and me hemp pouch by then too :)

~ mommy to Declan 3.24.03

10-22-2003, 01:01 PM
From what I have seen, Hotslings tend to run too small :( You may want to post a picture, or visit someone who "knows slings" to get an opinion. This way if it's too small, mayeb you can return it for a larger one. Seeing Declan at the zoo, I don't think he is ready for the hip carry yet anyway. When he is bigger he will take up more room in the sling for the hip carry and it will fit better.

Each hotsling I have seen (including one I bought) have all been about 2" too short.

10-22-2003, 01:19 PM
And I was thinking it might be too big. I measured towards the upper end of a XS so Kristen made me a XS/S. Attached is a picture of me & Declan in the sling. He doesn't like to stay in this position or the one where he's sitting almost indian style in it for too long. Both of these seem tight. But the hip one seems loose. How big/old should he be for that kind of carry? And it doesn't help that he twists himself around to look outwards. He practically does a 180. After I get the mom and me pouch I'm going to need another get together to get help from you experienced slingers :)

~ mommy to Declan 3.24.03

10-22-2003, 01:21 PM
Yikes! The picture I posted is super huge! How can I make it smaller? Like slings, this picture post was my first. Thanks!

~ mommy to Declan 3.24.03

10-22-2003, 01:24 PM
Allison, I think it looks fine, but I like my slings tighter than Amy does. Personally, I think Declan looks big enough for the hip carry. If you can carry him on your hip, I think he's ready. Try it!!

And anytime you want to get together and "do" slings, let me know! :)


10-22-2003, 01:34 PM
Thanks!!! I'll be sure to get in contact with you once my other sling gets here :)

I carry Declan on my hip all the time but usually with his tushy on my hip and my arm across his stomach so he's looking outward. Which I think is one of the problems with him twisting around in the hip carry.

~ mommy to Declan 3.24.03

10-22-2003, 01:58 PM
I feel the same way as Allison - the hotsling is too tight when trying to stuff most of the baby in there, but almost too big in the hip carry. I think this is due to the fact that it isn't stretchy at all. This is also where shoulder flips come in really handy for the hip carry, to take up some of that slack.

The satin dragons look fantastic, btw! I prefer my baby to ride a little higher myself, but if you made it shorter I wonder if you could stuff him in there anymore?

Anyway, it looks really nice! Every time I see a new pretty sling I think to myself, hmm, maybe I need that one...

Happy babywearing!