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11-06-2003, 11:43 AM
Hi ladies,
Our baby is due in Feb. and I'm leaning toward the KKAFP. I'm intimidated by the ring slings, although I think in time I'll end up w/ one of those too LOL;) Anyway, I can't tell if I should get a small or medium KKAFP? I know if I email the owner she'll help me out, but I'm curious...for those who own a small or a medium, about what are your measurements if you don't mind sharing?

Pre pregnancy I weighed 115-118, and I am 5'2". So I seem to be on the borderline, which makes me think I should order a medium. I don't want it to be too big though and hurt my back. I also have a short torso...not sure if that makes a difference. Plus, after having the baby I'm sure I'll still have some extra weight on me.

DH is about 6 feet tall and 185 lbs. If I got the medium, do you think it would be worth it to get an extra row of snaps? DO you think he *might* be able to use it then? I can't see him using the sling that much but if an extra row of snaps would allow him to use it, then that would be great.

How long have you used your KKAFP? Will I still like it down the road when the baby is a year or older? Of course, by then I'll probably be a sling addict and have 4 or 5 others in my collection to choose from;)

I know if the sling doesn't fit they'll take it back, but if I'm pregnant now and won't know for a few months if it fits me after baby (and with baby in it) will they still take it back at that time?

I guess that was more than two questions, but if anyone can help, that would be great.


11-06-2003, 11:57 AM
First off, let me say you and your hubby will NOT be able to wear the same sling. Sorry! He is going to need a large. Unless you have a ton of extra snaps added (which would make it very bulky) to take up the extra fabric behind you--it won't work.

I think you would be best off getting a size Medium. You will probably wear it on the second to last, or last row of snaps after you loose the baby weight. I think the four rows of snaps are enough.

My DS is 15 montsh old, and I have TWO of these slings that I love to use with him! I can see myself using this for quite awhile longer. You'll definetly get your money out of it!

I think I remember that you can return the sling for an exchange to a different size up to 1-2 weeks after your baby is born. Email Tanya and ask her to be sure.

Enjoy! :)

11-06-2003, 01:05 PM
My pre-preg. weight/height are identical to yours, so I thought I'd respond. I just ordered and received a medium (made the decision because of bust-size and because I felt I was on the border even just considering height and weight). I can't test it out now because I am 34+ weeks pregnant, but I am pretty confident that I chose the right sizing.

I'd go ahead and order the medium if I were you--unless you are really petite on top. I hear these slings have a snug fit, and it really might be hard to get your baby into an even smaller size.

HTH a little.

& Jack, 4/20/01
& Litte brother-to-be, e.d.d., 12/15/03

11-06-2003, 02:23 PM
Thanks ladies. I doubted Dh and I would be able to wear the same sling, adn I don't see him being too much of a sling wearer anyway. I did register for a bjorn (despite the mixed reviews I know some people who have loved it) and I think he'd be more apt to use that.

I think I'll go with the medium. I am petite on top (34 A cup size that hasn't grown too much even though I'm almost 25 weeks pregnant!!) but hopefully once I'm BFing they'll fill out a little;) Sounds like the medium would be the best option most likely. That was my gut instinct but I wanted to research it a little more to see what people's personal experiences were like as far as sizing.

Any color suggestions/favorites? I find it hard to discriminate very clearly between the colors...maybe it is my monitor though.


11-06-2003, 10:13 PM
You and I are almost the exact same size! I have a medium KKAFP (heathered periwinkle - has the darker color on the outside with a lighter shade inside) with three rows of snaps (didn't order an extra row).

I actually wish I had gotten a small. Especially now that I mainly use hip carry, the pouch feels a little too big. Hip carry is the position you will use for the longest time, from 5-6 months to toddlerhood. I also think it's the position where a too big pouch really can cause discomfort. Being petite on top you may really want to consider the smaller size, since we unfortunately don't need all that much room up there ;). At the very least, I would definitely recommend you get an extra row of snaps on the medium which will give you the flexibility of making the sling smaller.

I'm sorry to muddle the picture, just when you thought you made up your mind about sizing! But since our sizing is so similar, I wanted to let you know what my sizing experience has been.

11-07-2003, 04:51 AM
I agree that you should also get a small. I am 5'6, and about 125 pre-preg. I am currently about 150 (yikes!). I have a medium and must wear it on the tightest setting. I tried it on other settings and after an hour or more the fleece starts to stretch a little and DS starts to hang down a little too low and it hurts my back and shoulder. I wish I had gotten a small but am sticking with my medium because it works fine on the current setting and it is Noah's favorite pouch. Since you are smaller than me a medium *may* be too big. Also keep in mid that while sizing, their bust and weight measurements are estimates. What works for others may not work for you. You could be the exact same height/weight but have complete oppostite body types.

Anyway, Congratulations! I was really hesistant to buy a sling while pregnant for this exact reason and didn't buy one until my son was about 4 weeks. I really wish I had worn him from day one and I would definetly say you are on the right track :)

edited to add: Lol, don't worry about your breast size. I had to buy bras 4 different times while I was prenant. The darn things just wouldn't stop growing, especially toward to end. :)

11-07-2003, 04:54 AM
I know you are getting a KKAFP, but I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth. It isn't the height that matters so much as the bust and weight. We both have a 38" bust although he has broader shoulders. Now, I beg to differ on the point that you and your husband won't be able to wear the same pouch. In my experience, at least with a MnM pouch, we both are able to wear the same pouch even without the extra snaps although I bought it with an extra row of snaps. (Jen also customized our pouch for us.) I am more of an lower average build where as he is a lean athletic build.

My measurements:
5'1.5" tall
38" bust size
120 lb. & 36C pre-pregnancy
133 lb. & 38C postpartum

My husband's measurements:
6'3.5" tall
38" bust size
175 lb.

My husband is easy, so without much convincing he started to wear the pouch to comfort our son. Maybe, at least at home, yours will too. :)

11-07-2003, 07:30 AM
I'll throw my opinion as well - get the Small. I'm wearing a medium on the tightest setting - I'm a 38C, 5'6" in the 150s right now (hoping to get back down to 140). :)


11-07-2003, 08:16 AM
Thanks ladies:) Just when I thought I had settled on a medium, there's a monkeywrench thrown in there;) I appreciate all the input though...it gives me some things to think about size wise. I am worried I'll weigh enough after the baby that I won't be able to fit in a small, but at the same time, even with being pregnant and steadily gaining weight, I'm carrying it all in my belly, so the rest of me is still pretty petite. With my short torso (on top of being a short person!) I am concerned if I buy too large a pouch, then the baby will hang down too low and hurt my back, KWIM?
Well, the folks at KK were nice and said even if I order while pregnant, I can still exchange the pouch up to 30 days after the baby's birthday for a different size. I guess I maybe should order the small then and if it doesn't fit, I'll just return it.

Thanks for the advice. I wish it was easier to choose a size! I guess part of it is just trial and error, thankfully KK is understanding of that and allows exchanges for a different size.


11-07-2003, 09:30 AM
I just ordered a medium KKACP...don't know if the fabric makes a differenc...I am 5 ft tall and around 123 but should be about 115. Still have some baby weight to lose. My bust is 35 and I am no longer bfing. I got the medium based on Tanyas suggestion but now I am sooo worried b/c I will primarily use the pouch for tummy to tummy or hip carry. I should get my pouch tomorrow and will report back on the fit!

11-07-2003, 12:18 PM

I think my experience has been similar to Angie's. I'm closer to your measurements though, just a couple inches taller but otherwise the same. I have a medium but I should have ordered an extra row of snaps. The extra row would have made the pouch work better early on and kept the pouch from hanging too low as the fabric stretched. But the medium on the tightest setting works fine for me now that my baby is bigger and I'm wearing heavier clothes with the colder weather, both of which make the fleece stretch tighter and keep it in position better.

11-08-2003, 10:27 AM
Thanks ladies!!
Didn't I read somewhere the KKACP tends to run a little smaller? Christine, In that case,\I'm hoping that the medium will work fine for you:)

There's got to be some overlap between sizes I would imagine, right? So maybe depending on what snap setting I have it on, either would work? (i'm being hopeful!!). I guess my big worry is that w/ a medium after a few hours the pouch will stretch and my back will hurt from it, especially since I have a short torso on an already short body, KWIM?

It will be cooler weather when I first start using the pouch though, so that is another factor (plus having some extra baby weight on me!!).

I just can't decide which to order. I guess as long as I can exchange it, everything will work out fine;)

Christine...let me know how you like your pouch!! Enjoy!


11-08-2003, 10:41 AM
I forgot to mention...I don't think I have the option to add more snaps. I said somethign about that to Tanya and she said we couldn't add extra rows of snaps. I reread her email and she says there are "two rows of overlap between sizes" which makes me think that maybe that is why a small might work for some my size and a medium for others. Probably just depends on how it is snapped.

I actually measured my chest according to the directions on the KK website. I"m like 33 inches under my arms. I think maybe I will just go with a small. Tough call on this sizing thing!

Thanks again for all the advice!!


11-08-2003, 12:04 PM
I thought if you are a 34A, the smallest your bust could be is 34. Am I wrong? Or are you trying to measure something else?

11-09-2003, 12:32 PM
I'm not sure if this is accurate, but I assume it is. What Tanya told me is that the "34" in my 34 A measures under the bust around the rib cage (not at the fullest part of the bust). Her measurement directions technically specify to measure just under your arms, above the bust over normal clothing. Technically you are measuring your "Chest" not your bust.

I hope I'm doing it right...I just followed her instructions under sizing as far as where to measure. I'm hoping I just fall into the overlap between small and medium...maybe either would work for me;)