View Full Version : Sling wearers, more Qs-what do you use as your diaper bag?

11-08-2003, 10:49 AM
Hi again ladies,
I'm trying to pick out a diaper bag (or bags!!) right now. I'm not sure what I want or what to get since I'm a 1st time mom to be. I know intially I'll probably be an overpacker out of paranoia;) I know most people say a messenger style bag works well w/ a sling. Dumb question, but do you wear it on your opposite shoulder from the sling then? By "messenger style" do you girls think one longish strap is better, or do "tote" style bags (like those w/ two straps) work well w/ a sling?
What do you find works well w/ your sling? When your babies were very small did you tend to use two different bags...like a small one (maybe something like a Little tripper from Lands end for example) when you ran quick errands w/ your sling and then a larger one for when you had the baby out in the stroller (which could then be carried in a basket under the stroller?)

I'm debating what to buy. I was thinking about the Lands end Do it All bag but I've heard it is pretty large...a decent stroller bag, but I'm sure it would be too large to use w/ the sling. What if I bought something like the Do it all for stroller and a little tripper for quick errands w/ the sling?

Any advice? I just know what I *think* I want/need will probably be quite different from what I really want/need after baby is here and I have some real life experience;) So...I thought I'd borrow on all of your experience as moms if you all don't mind sharing some advice:)


11-08-2003, 05:57 PM
Hi Beth,
I always keep a fully loaded diaper bag (for 3 kids) stashed in my car. When I had my first, I definitely overloaded myself for every excursion. Now I splurged on an "I'm Still Me" bag (backpack style) for my everyday purse/diaper bag. My personal preference is a backpack style for when I'm wearing a sling.


11-09-2003, 10:43 PM
I've worn a sling and used both an LE Little Tripper and a backpack style bag with success. I sling the LE LT across my body and wear it on the same shoulder as the sling. HTH

11-11-2003, 10:21 PM
In a nut shell:
Lands End Do It all is the prefect size for every day trips shopping, etc. But way to big to be carrying around on your body with a baby in a sling. You'd practically fall over from the weight and bulk!

The Little Tripper (or a bag that size) is perfect for wearing your baby in the sling, and and carrying the diaper bag when making quick trips into a store to grab a few items. When my DS is riding in the sling on my left hip, I put the diaper bag strap resting on my left shoulder so the bag is resting on my right side. This makes you feel more balanced out, to have baby on one side, and bag on the other. With a newborn, if you are wearing them in the cradle position, still put the bag on the opposite side from their head. In the tummy-to-tummy position, put the bag on the shoulder opposite the sling (you'll know it when you try it).

I like my messenger bag (Combi Urban Sling or Old Navy bag) for when I need a bigger bag for the day, but will have to wear Joshua for some part of the day for some reason. It makes for bulky hanging off you, but it still works.

I thought as Josh got older I woudl need less stuff in my bag. I no longer carry an extra change of clothes, receiving blanket, pacifier, bottle and formula. But now I have to carry toys, snacks, and sippy cups! It all evens out, in my opinion.

Good Luck!

11-12-2003, 07:37 AM
Great advice!! thanks so much. I ordered the new Little Tripper (I've heard it has even a bit more room than the old version) yesterday, so I'm looking forward to checking it out. I still haven't decided whether to also go with the (old version) Do it all as well or not. I think it might be a good option. The price is great too!!

I'm thinking that the LT will be good with the sling as you said, and that the DIA bag might be a good bag to put in the basket of my zippy stroller.

I appreciate your input everyone. It is hard to know what we will need/want once baby is here since as you know, that is something only experience can teach you;) What I *think* I want/need will probably be quite a bit different from reality LOL. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with me!