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11-12-2003, 07:45 AM
I'm excited. I was so ready to order the KK pouch, but the lack of padded rails kind of deterred me. I know there is debate over whether the MNM is actually cooler or not, but I figure it is worth a shot. I know if I get a KK, I'll definitely need a 2nd sling (at least LOL!) for warmer weather. With the MNM, maybe we can sneak by with just that one. (I live in PA, so cold winters and pretty hot summers). I decided that I like the colors on the MNM a little better too.

I chose the Maroon pouch with a flat silver color trim. I had a hard time deciding on a color, but I think I'll like the Maroon.

Jen was absolutely wonderful, just as everyone said...she was so helpful emailing back and forth w/ me. I wasn't sure about a size (I was also having this problem when I thought I was going to order a KK pouch) but she was a great help. I'm 5'2" and prepregnancy about 118lbs, so she recommended we do a custom sized xsmall/small and I went ahead and ordered extra snaps to give me more flexibility size-wise. I also got the rails added. I hope it fits. Her customer service was fabulous. I feel like she really really enjoys what she does and that every order is meaningful for her.

So....I'm glad to have finally made a decision. I just hope I like the color, etc. when it arrives.

Oh, and this is the best part yet....I was all excited about ordering last night, and DH said..."hmmmmm.....maybe I should think about a sling." I was so surprised and happy!!! I didn't want to pressure him into baby wearing, although I know he understands the benefits. I put a baby bjorn on our registry (even though we might end up hating it) for him originally, but maybe I'll remove it now if he's thinking he might like a sling for himself. Yea!!!! :)

Thanks for letting me share girls!


11-12-2003, 09:04 AM
Congrat's Beth! I just received mine & got to try "wearing" Nolan last night for the first time. I love my pouch! You won't be sorry. I carried him around asleep, awake & even nursed in it. He never felt too warm & the house was in the high 70's (live in Phoenix, so it's very moderate).

I love the maroon too. I went with periwinkle, but I was immediately second guessing my color choice & now I think I need another! Uh oh.

Christy & baby Nolan 7/22/03

11-12-2003, 09:19 AM
Thanks Christy! I'm glad that you and Nolan are enjoying the pouch...wonderful!! It is encouraging that you didn't think it was too hot w/ the house in the upper 70s either...that gives me hope! I like the periwinkle too...great color! I think this could get addictive;)

BTW, I love the name Nolan. We are expecting a boy in February, and that has been a favorite name of ours. We're feeling a little stuck on whether to use it or not, as when we started talking about names, good friends of ours asked which ones we liked. We named a few (we have liked Logan for years, we like Aiden, and we also said Nolan). Apparently they've wanted the name Nolan for years. So we aren't sure if we will use it or not...I don't want to "steal" their name but technically we said it out loud to them before they said it to us at all, kwim? So it isn't a deliberate thing! I don't know what we'll do! I digress though. Great name:)


11-12-2003, 02:07 PM
What is your bust size? I am 5'2 118 prepregnancy also. If I do go for a second MnM pouch, I was thinking of the Maroon. I have a Natural color and cannot live without it, but I am thinking that if I eat spaghetti... Oh no! Stains all over the place. You'll let me know how you like the maroon, won't you?

11-12-2003, 02:40 PM
I'll definitely let you know how I like the Maroon. Jen (at MNM) said that the maroon she has in stock now definitely has some pinkish undertone to it...she said some people who have seen it IRL call it a deep rose red. I wanted something to go w/ silver (flat not metallic, although she does have metallic available) trim, and she said that the maroon is a "cool" color that looks good w/ silver, while the red wine (another I was thinking about) is warm...no pink undertones at all and it would not look good with silver (she said it is better w/ other warm colors like gold). Just thought maybe that would help in case you are looking at both. I was initially.

I'm a 34 A bust, but when I measure under my arms over loose clothing as Jen instructs on her site, I'm about 33 inches, maybe a little less. I know she says that the underarm measurement should NOT be smaller than your measurement of bust under the breasts, but mine was. So I'm either wearing the wrong size bra, or something!! I do have a relatively large rib cage for my size, and the "34" in 34A measures your ribcage under your bust, so I think maybe that is part of it. HTH!!

I'm glad that you love your Natural MnM pouch:) It says a lot for the pouch that you are considering another one;) I'll definitely let you know how I like the color when it comes in. Now for the wait....uggggh;)


11-12-2003, 05:46 PM
I was really torn w/the colors, I might want to get another, either a red or maybe natural. Like Lay's, I don't think one will be enough!

Thanks for the compliment. I knew of a Nolan when I was in HS & I just loved the name & kept it my mind. :) Plus, I love the meaning of the name. I firmly believe that you should name your child whatever you wnat. I wouldn't consider that stealing. I hadn't heard it in years, until I became pg, funny how that works.

Your other choices are great too. I knew a girl named Aidan & our neighbor's son is Logan.

Good luck w/your baby boy!

Christy & baby Nolan 7/22/03