View Full Version : rosado or maya? or other???

nancy drew
11-16-2003, 09:29 PM
i am expecting my daughter in february, and i am trying to wrap my head around all of the sling choices. i have already purchased a fleece pouch sling from kangaroo korner, but i would like another sling as well. so far i like the fabrics on the rosado, and i like that it is lightly padded. but is it too bulky? can it be packed away in the diaper bag? i like that the maya wrap has a pouch in the tail which can hold a diaper etc., the tail can be used for discretion during breastfeeding, and theres that little bag that can clip on. but it seems bulky too, and there is no padding, so might that not be uncomfortable? can anyone help me out? any other suggestions to confuse me even more? :)

11-16-2003, 09:43 PM
The Maya is as non-bulky as a ring sling is likely to be. I have one and adore it. But I did really need to watch the video that came with it to get the best use of it. I am not personally fond of padded slings, but they are indispensible to some. The Maya fabrics are really beautiful and wonderfully soft and stretchy. The website does NOT do the fabrics justice.

FYI, I don't think that anything much more than a wallet and car keys would fit in the pocket on the Maya.

And you can routinely get VERY gently used Mayas on eBay for around $25-$30, saving you some money.


11-16-2003, 10:12 PM
I have a Maya and a Nojo (padded sling). I live in South FL, so the padded sling is way too hot and I started disliking the sling pretty quickly. The Maya is much better for me. I have been able to fold the Maya up in my diaper bag, as long as it was only half full (I have a small Eddie Bauer bag). The Nojo never fit into the bag. The pouch on the tail isn't too small - I can fit a diaper and a couple of washcloths, but not a travel-size wipes container.

I also have a Maya pouch, which is what I generally reach for first, although I've been using the stroller much more lately because Anwyn is such a wiggle-squirm and likes to occupy her space.

nancy drew
11-19-2003, 07:36 PM
thank you both for your advice. it seems the maya is preferred to the padded slings. the rosado is supposedly "lightly" padded, but being a novice i have no idea what that means. i think i am now leaning towards the maya wrap. thanks again :D

11-19-2003, 09:12 PM
I have a Fleece Pouch, Maya Wrap, and Rosado sling (I'm addicted :)). Here's my advice: If you are in a cool/cold weather climate (or will be when baby is born), then I would get a Rosado sling to go with your fleece pouch. If it is hot where you are (Florida, Texas, Arizona, etc.) then I woudl get a Maya Wrap.

The Rosado sling is as lightly padded as you can get, for a padded sling. It has a nice and trim shoulder and back area, so you aren't all covered up with bulky fabric. It's very comfortable. I personally prefer a padded sling with a newborn, and think they are best when you are first learning how to wear a sling. The padded rails are kind of like "saftey bumpers" to hold your baby in when they are little and you are inexperienced. As baby gets older, and you are used to a sling, I would definetly get a Maya Wrap. Very comfortable! But unpadded slings with open tails like the Maya are harder to learn how to adjust and secure around a little baby. With the Rosado, you just pull down on the tail. That's it. With the Maya you deal with the top and bottom rails seperatley.

Also, I think if it's cool enough to wear it, the KK Fleece Pouch is the very easiest sling you can possible get!

Good Luck, and enjoy wearing your new baby!

nancy drew
11-19-2003, 10:26 PM
ah, well theres an idea, get both! :).

well i live in chicago, so when stella is born it will be quite cold. i was thinking that when it gets warmer i will want something less insulated than the fleece pouch for outside wear. i guess i was thinking the fleece pouch would be the "winter sling" and the rosado or maya would be the "summer sling". (i am on the road to addiction, i can feel it! :)) the fleece pouch also may be too warm for indoor wear.

11-20-2003, 02:13 PM
The fleece pouch will be great for you, at least for outdoors, and quite possibly indoors as well. The Rosado is definetly fine for indoors all year round, and as long as it's not sweltering hot, it's fine outdoors as well. I forgot to answer your question about size adn fitting these slings in the diaper bag: the Maya Wrap is really teh only one that can easily fit into a diaper bag. The fleece is too poufy, and the Rosado padding makes it too big to fold up small. But thats really not a big deal. I lay my Rosado and fleece pouch over the top of the diaper bag, and fasten the two handles (velcro) around it. Then I carry the bag using the long adjustable shoulder strap. Sure it's not a trim solution, but once you have a baby, nothing is!