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11-20-2003, 09:11 PM
I have the BB, a Baby trekker (which I love) but I really want something that I can use to hold ds in the sidefacing hip position. It's very tiring having to hold him in my arms so some support would be nice. This would be for use at home, while I tidy up the house or make phone calls, etc... I don't want to use the BT b/c it's front facing.

If someone could list a few of the best brands, I could research them in detail (via search). I'm feeling overwhelmed looking at all these names!



11-20-2003, 10:34 PM
My advice- try getting an easy pouch sling and using it in the hip position. I had the HipHammock hip carrier and just sold it. It was nice and all for a hip carrier- just too time consuming to use. I used it maybe 6 times since it took so long to put on and put Julia in- it was just easier to carry her in my arms. It probably is similar to the BB in terms of time it takes to use.

I just got my pouch sling from Hotslings and use it as a hip carrier with my 17 month old daughter. I wish I had bought a sling a long time ago and used this instead of the Hip Hammock. It is SO easy to use and I can pop her in and out of it very easily- no straps, belts, or anything to adjust. Its just a piece of fabric but it holds her in better that I thought. The sling was only $20 so I figured I could try it out. I never thought I was a "sling" kind of mom so I stayed away from them. To me, the pouch slings are the most simple looking. I am not even sure that is an issue for you- just thought I would mention it.

And the sling is much more comfy to use than my BB or HipHammock ever was.

Here is a picture of the hotslings:

Just my opinion though. Good luck.

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11-26-2003, 06:35 PM
Er, I already have one of those! LOL Or something similar.

I could never figure out the sling :(

I will try really hard to make this work before buying something else. Guess I never really thought of it as a hip carrier..