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11-21-2003, 12:38 PM
I have been reading thru all these threads and have finally decided on a MMC Hemp Fleece Pouch! I am so excited about this but have a few butterflies in my tummy. :)

Is this a good sling to start with for a first-timer? My main rationale for wanting one is that by the end of this year, Ellen will be out of her carseat. I will be carrying her quite a bit more, rather than carrying the carseat. Also, we are planning a family cruise to the Caribbean in April with both kids, but only taking 1 stroller. I want to be able to sling Ellen--or even possibly Kathleen--while traveling.

Also, what color do I get? Yes, I love black and it goes with everything, but will it also get hot in there for her and for me? I have a tendency to get hot easily--and so does Ellen. Would a lighter color work better? Also, I envision using this more in the summer. Is that right, or can you use this over your coat? And if I use it more in the warmer months, I'm thinking a lighter color would be best? If so, any suggestions? (Or should I just stick with cream to go with everything no matter what the season--or does it show dirt easily?)

Also, what questions should I ask Jen? Since I'm all new to this, should I email her my stats and have her tell me which size to get? I thought I read on her website to order a large if you are over 5'7". I am 5'11".

Thank you all for any help on this!! I really appreciate it! :)

(Zen and Heidi, I *love* the pix of you guys with your slung babies on the MMC website. You guys look fabulous and your kids are beautiful!)

11-21-2003, 01:14 PM
I'm looking forward to your replies - I am also curious about the over/under the coat thing!

11-21-2003, 01:18 PM
I may have overdone it with the questions! :) LOL

11-21-2003, 01:51 PM
You will love this pouch! It is a GREAT one for first timers.

To answer some of your questions....the color is a personal choice. I loved all of the colors she had to choose from, and just had to get one dyed! I got the red wine, my photo is actually on her website too, Jen G with Jonah :) I LOVE the way mine turned out, Jen was very patient as I tried to make up my mind...and helped with suggestions. She suggested a couple of the variegated threads, something I never would have tried....I ended up with a GORGEOUS pouch. She also has it shown on the dye color page, if you want to see a close up. I definitely recommend getting a color, they are so beautiful, and it is fun to wear. That being said, the natural looks great too, and many here have it and love it. I don't think the black would be too much hotter than the others, but I wouldn't get it if I lived in a hot climate.

As far as size, you should consult with Jen. She is great with that, and will even custom size it for you. Depending on the measurement of your chest and your weight, you may not need a large....it's hard for me to say without knowing all of your measurements. Just ask her, she is great with questions, and sizing!

This is a great pouch for what you described, my son will also soon outgrow his infant seat, and I'm glad I have this. I use it ALL the time when we run into the store, the post office, bank...and everyone always comments on how great the pouch looks. It's definitely an attention getter! Especially if there is not a lot of baby wearing in your area. My son has fallen asleep in it several times, that's how comfy it is for him. I recommend that you get the back rail padded, it's good for their little legs, especially if you are carrying your toddler. It doesn't add much bulk at all, but it does make it softer.

I can't say enough about this pouch, and I am so glad you decided to get one. Let us know what you decide on color, I love hearing about that. Who knows, I may need another one sometime soon....hehe.

Ask anything else, I hope I answered some of your questions. Oh, about the coat! I almost forgot! I usually wear it under my coat, especially winter coat, and just zip it up, or button it up around him. If you have enough snaps on the pouch you could wear it outside, but I like having him inside my coat to keep him warm. I have worn it over many sweaters and cardigans just fine. Try it out when you get it, and see how you like to wear it. Try to make sure you are in between the size range, so if you need to use the extra rows of snaps, you have them. Does that make sense??

OK, I'm really done for now, have fun with this. I PROMISE you will love it!

11-21-2003, 06:35 PM

I ordered a M&M pouch thanks to Lori (Momof3labs) & Jen. I have never used a pouch b/f (nor anyone I know) & we didn't have much luck w/the the Been carrier. My Mom & Me is GREAT! I use it to carry Nolan around, do housework, dishes, shop, etc. He isn't crazy about cradle, but he doesn't mind sitting up in it (legs underneath). I went w/periwinkle & I am pleased, although I don't think one is enough. *lol* I am considering #2 in natural or a red. I went w/peri b/c I thought it would be great for jeans & Nolan looks good in blue (probably silly, I know). :) Choose a color that would match most of your clothes I suppose. You could always get a pretty thread w/the natural.

Christy & baby Nolan 7/22/03

11-22-2003, 01:15 AM
I also have the periwinkle and it's super comfy. I think that the periwinkle and the red wine are two of the best colors. I never worry about color coordinating my sling with my outfit. Definitely get the extra back rail so you can use it longer.

I would check that size with Jen. I am 5'6" and only use the small. There is no way that I could use a medium. For some of the carries, I use the last row of snaps.

Edited to add the avocado is also pretty. I'd go with a fun color and she has so many cool threads now too!

Mom to Kailey Ashlin

11-23-2003, 03:12 PM
Well, if you get hot easily and really want to use it in the Carribean, I wouldn't get the hemp fleece pouch. I would stick with something much more lightweight, like a KK cotton pouch, KK solarveil sling, a Maya Wrap (sling or pouch) or a cotton Hotslings.

I wore my homemade cotton pouch in Jamaica in February, and it was VERY hot at times. It was absolutely invaluable in the airports, which tend to have lots of stairs (and no ramps or elevators).