View Full Version : Favorite diaper bag that stays on shoulder or bag? e.g. doesn't easily slide off...

08-30-2003, 09:55 PM
I have the gap diaper backpack, which is huge. Is there a smaller good diaper backpack? Also have the combi urban sling but have never used it. May have to get it out and try it.

What is everyone's favorite small/medium diaper bag that won't slip off your shoulder or is a backpack?

Mom to Lauren Genevieve

08-30-2003, 10:12 PM
Hi, definitely not as knowledgeable as other moms around here, since I am a newbie. But I just posted something about my Combi Urban Sling and then saw your post, thought I should come and say hi! :-)

I was told that the Urban Sling may be too big and tend to get bulky. But I was surprised by how "compact" it is when I first received it: mainly because I am used to the backpack style (LE!) I also like the backpack style because I can't stand the strap coming off my shoulder. I found that the Combi Urban Sling suits that end very well. Maybe you'd like to give it a try? Hope that you will like it too! Cheers.

08-30-2003, 10:30 PM
I love my Urban Sling too! I find that it does get bulky though, so I guess everyone thinks of big or bulky in a different way. I love that I put it across my body and I never have to worry about it coming off my shoulder the way other diaper bags do. I do want a backpack diaper bag but have yet to find one that I love. I bought a Lands End one off of ebay (older model) but it is just way too small for me.

You should get the Urban Sling out of hiding and try it :)