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08-30-2003, 10:05 PM
HI, a while back ago I posted about my Combi Urban Sling and the broken key clip. Thought I should update what happened:

I called and emailed Baby Catalog and didn't hear from them for a week. That same day I also contacted Combi CS and made an appointment later that week to bring my bag in for an exchange. But I decided not to go that day, couldn't see myself survive that 45-min car ride with 2 wild boys. I was prepared to bite the bullet and just cut the clip off.

The next week came, I decided to call Baby Catalog again just to try my luck. To my surprise, somebody picked up the phone and after some digging, told me that they just sent a new bag with a return shipping label to me that morning.

That solved the problem. Now I have a new bag with a working key clip. Although I don't plan to use it, it makes me happy to have a non-defect bag. I am also impressed with Baby Catalog's CS.

Would like to thank everyone who responded to my earlier post again. Somebody's kep clip also stopped working early on, right? I'd recommend you give Combi CS a call. When I called them, I was told that the bag has a "warranty" and Combi would honor it. It doesn't hurt to try. HTH someone. Cheers.

08-30-2003, 10:32 PM
Glad you got a new one! I remember when you posted about the key clip. I used it yesterday to put a toy on it since I would never use it for keys. You know the new bags will probably have the key clip on the inside and we will both be "forced" to buy another one!

09-01-2003, 11:50 PM
Hi, thank you so much for remembering my post. :-) Just want to update you again: the key clip on my NEW bag broke again! It just stopped working after about 1 day of use. I think I am going to e-mail Combi CS and let them know about this problem. But I am just going to cut the key clip off and replace it with a better clip for toys, whatnot.

I agree with you: they should put the key clip inside somewhere when they update the bag.

On the bright side: We went to a bookstore yesterday, b/c I was carrying ds in the Hip Hammock, DH was "kind enough" to carry the Sling for me. (Don't really want to look like a saddle horse with the HH and the sling, KWIM? ;-) ) DH didn't complain once about having to carry the bag. He did that with our black LE backpack before. I was so happy that I got the sling. Then he said, "this one is good because you can't have some baby thing stuck in the mesh pocket so people could see you..." So that's why he didn't want to carry the very manly LE backpack! :-)

He also said, "I know what you are going to do the minute we get home. You are going to go to that board and tell people you love this bag because your 'DH' doesn't mind carrying it, right?" LOL

BTW, you are not the one who bought my old LE backpack right? I checked, the buyer has a different first name as yours. ;-)

Cheers, Lin

09-02-2003, 07:13 AM
Thanks for the update. I was the one with the defective key clip on my Combi US. I will call Combi and see what they have to say. Thanks again!

Cindy\r\nMama to Anna 2/11/03

09-03-2003, 04:50 PM
DH and I were out at BuyBuyBaby on Monday looking at diaper bags. I was happy to be able to see the Combi Urban Sling in person. But you know what? The key ring was broken! I laughed and told DH that people on these boards had been complaining that theirs broke. He just shook his head.