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09-26-2003, 10:27 AM
I'm on the great diaper bag hunt now and feeling a little overwhelmed reading all the reviews/opinions on diaper bags. I really like the look of the CUS and the fact that it does not appear you would have to take it off to access what's in the bag. Will it be a good size to use with CD's? Is there something out there that might work better with a newborn/infant? I've considered the backpack style, but I've had friends comment that sometimes those can be black holes and too big for daily use. Please help the newbie. :-)

EDD 1/12/04

09-26-2003, 02:36 PM
Hmmm... I've looked at the Urban Sling but never bought it. It seems too small for cloth dipes unless you are just going on a quick errand. Definitely not a 2-3 diaper bag, unless you don't mind carrying disposables as backup (I know, kinda defeats the purpose). Also, keep in mind with cloth that you have to carry the dirty diaper after a change. That takes up space, too.

Maybe when Beth gets back, she can give us a review. She has/had the US and also cloth diapers.

09-26-2003, 03:10 PM
Thanks Lori. May I ask what you use?

EDD 1/12/04

09-26-2003, 09:09 PM
I use some generic bag that I got at Burlington Coat Factory (Baby Depot). I've never seen it since I bought it there. I like it because it has an adjustable shoulder strap (so can sling it over the stroller handlebars), two roomy outside pockets (big enough for Avent bottles, though we bf'd most of the time), a wide zipper-top opening, and a large zipper compartment so I can keep diapering stuff separate from eating stuff. It is also very lightweight when empty. It is good for a few hours, even a half day out. I have the Combi Traditional diaper bag for all-day outings (also a very nice bag, just too big for most outings).

But the new Lands' End Do-it-all looks awfully tempting! Can't wait to hear about it (especially the weight when empty and the adjustability of the handle straps).

Note that I work part-time, so I still maintain a separate purse (mommy pockets aren't necessary for me).

10-02-2003, 03:18 AM
I have an Avent Backpack which is my daily-use bag. It has an outer pocket which holds my wallet, keys, sunglasses and a pen (it's a snug fit with the glasses case). I think they designed that pocket for baby food jars or something of the like, but we never used baby food, so I'm not sure if it works for that. There is one side zipper which is lame, I think it's just to make it slightly bigger. The other side zipper is an insulated area. I put a large sippy cup in there. When I used to use the smaller sippy cups I could also fit a small snack cup. It's not open-top, so it probably wouldn't fit a large water bottle for mom, but maybe a small one. Inside there are two small zippered areas and two small mesh areas on the back, and one larger zipper area on the front side. The smaller ones are filled with stuff like mama necessities (hahaha YKWIM), pills, sani-hand wipes, Ds' hairbrush, kleenex. The larger zippered area holds a book or a few small toys. In the 'main area' I put on the bottom a change of clothes, 2-3 Large AIOs, maybe another toy, a snack cup. It is filled, but it closes. It's worth noting that it's rarely cold here, so the change of clothes is either a pair of pants or shorts and one top, nothing bulky. There is a zipper on the back for quick access into the main compartment, but I never use it. On the bottom is an extremely thin zippered area which holds a changing pad, wipes case, small powder, hand wipes (the tiny single packages) and a dirty bag which when filled with a CD has to go into the main compartment (or the car or stroller basket, etc.).

The drawback I guess would be you do need to take it off to get anything aside from the drink out, but it's hands-free. I don't think any backpack would work well with a sling or carrier though, but this theory is untested. =) Also, since the changing supplies are in the bottom, I find it a juggle when using a public restroom for changing if you only get the little koala care thing and have to hang the bag on a hook, but it's not impossible. I just pull out the pad, wipes, etc. while still holding Ds and then zip that part back up before hanging it up (I'm a germaphobe about restroom floors...so I wouldn't set it there).

Good luck with your search! It will never end...LOL! So far this backpack has had the longest-run with us of any...since March or April I think. I still use others on occasion when I need more room or something to go with a nice outfit (this is nice, but a backpack looks kinda funny with a fancy dress - KWIM?).

Here's a link to the one I have, although I got it with coupons: http://tinyurl.com/pf6g

10-02-2003, 08:36 AM
I think that the US is fine for cloth diapering, as long as you are not a heavy packer. This bag gets to be quite bulky when overpacked. It does hold an amazing amount of stuff and is very well organized. But I do have to say that I haven't used this bag in several months and I'm considering eBay-ing mine.

If you like the messenger bag look, consider a true messenger bag, like a Timbuk2 or Chrome bag.


I have a Timbuk2 bag and I love it, love it. But I have to say that as she gets older I am just using my LE Little Tripper almost all the time.