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09-30-2003, 09:13 AM
DS is 5 months old and almost 20 lbs. We have not installed his Marathon yet but I am thinking we will need to by the end of the month. I only take DS on quick errands. Mostly Target, Kohls, Walgreens etc. Sometimes he can last for an hour at Target but we are in and out of most places in less than an hour. Well, I am considering keeping the infant carrier in my SUV and just plopping him in there when we are out and about and he is already in his marathon. I will probably put the infant carrier in the buggy basket and put my items in the seat. But this is only a short term option and it may not work in places like Walgreens where the carts are small. Of course, I can also haul my Zooper around and use that too.

So I don't know if I need a shopping cart cover, a carrier or both.

We have a Maclaren carrier but we have not used it much b/c it is padded and black and not very useful in the Texas heat. But now that is has cooled off I don't think I can use it b/c he is so heavy and I am very short....5 ft. So I don't think it would be that comfortable or very easy to get him in and out of there.

I do have a daisy doodles sling that I have not used b/c he did not like it(when he was younger) but I am thinking it might work as a temporary hip carrier but since his legs are so chubby it will probably dig into his legs.

In general, DS is so heavy and I am so short I really don't know if I would use a carrier much. But it also leads me to believe that I will need some thing to assist me when I am carrying b/c he is so heavy....am I making sense???

I also have to consider that as it gets colder he will be bulkier b/c of his winter clothes and harder to carry around.

So if I do need a carrier which one do I get? Price is a consideration but I don't want to sacrifice comfort for price. And I definately want something that is easy to use.

I really like the "idea" of a shopping cart cover, especially since it can be used on restaurant high chairs. Not that we go out to eat w/ him much but I am hoping we will go out more often as he gets older. I do not want to spend 70.00 or 80.00 on a cover but would consider spending up to 50.00 I am considering the clean shopper (no frills) or a cover from covers 4 kids.

DS does not sit up yet so do I need the pillow? I probably won't order the cover for another month so he might be sitting up by then??
Also how important our the frills...like loops for toys, pockets and the fact that it rolls up into its on carrying case?

As it gets colder I don't I will be taking DS out too much but I will still have to run errands, I know the cart cover is a product that I can use for years to come but how many years of use would I get out of a carrier???? Also, I want to purchase a product that is easy to use. Since my shopping trips are currently so quick I don't want to forgo useing a product b/c it will take too much time setting up and getting DS situated.

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

PS I having been reading past posts on the cart covers and looked at them online but I have not done much research on carriers in a while

09-30-2003, 10:05 AM
I'm still learning about all of this stuff too but I think you need both. Try the carrier again and see how he does in different positions but the daisy doodle doesn't adjust right (like a hotsling doesn't either)? You should look into getting an adjustable sling so it will be easier for you and your back! I read the instructions on some new positions now that my DS is getting head control and I am going to try them out (with my Zolo and hotsling pouch). I think a shopping cart cover is great for you when you grocery shop because it goes much slower when you wear them. I tried last week and while it worked, it took forever and was hard to bend down to the shelves. The shopping cart cover you will use all the time for longer shopping trips and the carrier will be great for the little trips where you just run in to the store. It makes life so much easier when you don't have to haul out the car seat or the stroller!

09-30-2003, 10:41 AM
I'm small and my DD is small and I had problems with carriers. I borrowed one from a friend but I couldn't adjust it small enough to fit me and she was just too heavy and long for me to handle (maybe I'm a wimp). In fact, I never left the house with it!

I have a cart cover and LOVE IT! I haven't used the pockets or loops. Mine rolls into a carrying case and in the beginning I would carefully roll it into the bag after each use. I now just pull it off and throw it on the car floor (hey - they are washable), it is easier to take it on/off when you don't use the case. Instead of a pillow you may try a rolled up blanket.

Good Luck!

10-01-2003, 07:30 AM
I think a carrier is esential. I have a Walking Rock Farm Hip Baby. I really don't use it much, but it comes in handy for when DS doesnt want to be in stroller or for places the stroller is not ideal. At 9 months my DS is about 22 lbs and I can carry him comfortably for short periods of time (I find him extremely heavy-don't know if I am just weak! :) ). Its expensive, as are most carriers, but I am glad I have it. Why don't you try out the ones you have again?

Oh, I am also short (5'2)

I finally broke down and ordered a cart cover. I didn't want to spend the money and didn't think I needed one. But at 9 months I still don't feel comfortable putting him directly in carts. And the carrie or using a stroller is not ideal in most situations (Buying a lot of stuff at BRU or Target, for example). I bought the NoJo strap in cart thingee. It doesn't cover the whole seat but my main concern is keeping him safe. I tried it out in a Target cart and it was useless. It kind of straps the baby in towards the back of the seat and his head was hitting the back of the cart. He was not comfy at all! I ended up ordering the CleanShopper and hope I am happy with it. It doesn't seem as plush as the pricier ones but I hope it'll do the job.

Just one other note. You may not want to wait on ordering the cart covers. My CleanShopper is not shipping until mid October because they are backed-up (I ordered from CleanShopper.com). But if you shop around you may be able to find one in stock at another e-tailer.

Hope that helped a little! I'll post a review of my Clean Shopper when I get it.
Good Luck