View Full Version : Should I embellish my bag???

10-12-2003, 12:53 PM
I have several diaper bags and DD would kill me if I get another one right now. I hoping to wait until the Spring, that I way I can justify a "toddler bag" for my soon to be toddler. Anyway, my everyday bag was a gift from my best friend. It is a Milk and Cookies brand bag. The outside is a cream and red floral fabric and the inside and straps are red gingham. It is very cute! But I am kind of getting "tired" of it. Well, yesterday I went to an upscale baby boutique and they had several milk and cookies bags but they have feather trim around the edges as embellishment. I was thinking I could do something like that to my bag to add some pizzazz!

What do you guys think? The only problem is I don't sew well so I thought maybe I can hot glue the trim but what if if some out ugly..then I ruined a very cute bag! Could I use hem tape or something like that firt to get and idea of what is would look like

I just looked up the webite for these bags. They don't have mine shown but it gives you an idea. I don't want trim that "fluffy" just a little something extra. Tia!