View Full Version : I'm Still Me bags in US magazine

10-22-2003, 10:09 PM
I just bought the October 27th issue of US magazine and was very anxious to see the ISM bags "featured". I was a little disappointed to see that they are featured in an advertisement, not a write-up! Of course, it's still great that they are in US, but I guess I was hoping that they were written up by the magazine. It would have been cool to see a celeb wearing one!

For anyone who is interested, the ad is on page 76 and is part of a 2 page layout featuring a total of 16 products. The ad looks like it is a feature article, but states "advertisement" at the top. It's a picture of the dragonfly bags, which look gorgeous.

I truly hope they get tons of business from this - their bags are SO great. I liked the one I bought a month ago (a red toile backpack/tote) so much that I've ordered 2 more! I'm giving one to my best friend for Christmas and keeping the other.

Mom to Ryan, age 2 and Seth, age 2 weeks