View Full Version : Review of my cart cover...Covers4kids...black gingham

10-29-2003, 06:00 PM
I just got two cart covers today from C4k. One for myself and one as a gift. The are both black gingham. Initially, I was a bit surprised b/c they are NOT really super padded. Keep in mind the last cart cover i saw IRL was the buggy bagg. So it is not nearly has padded as the buggy bagg but fit nicely into the tote bag attached to the cover. I immediately went out and used it at Target. I have to say I am very pleased. The product is very attractive and functional! DS was as happy as a clam. Although, I did take his tummy time boppy to prop him up. I honestly would save my money on a pillow and use one you have at home for the time being. Oh, it was also very easy to put on the cover and it fit the cart very well.

I will try it at another store tomorrow. DS LOVES Target so that is one of the reasons I think he was so happy.

One thing his toy kept on coming off of the loop???

Also, do any of you that one covers from C4K use the safety strap as the strap for the tote? I couldn't really figure that out.

When we left the store I was able to take off and store the cover very quickly.

Once again I must say I am very pleased w/ my purchase.

Overall, if you want top of the line, I would say go w/ the Buggy Bagg (or Snazzy). However, if you want a very attractive, functional product for half the price, you can't go wrong w/ the covers from C4K.