View Full Version : Am I dreaming? Please advise...

11-05-2003, 06:35 PM
I have a Little Tripper and need to get a slightly larger diaper bag for travel or longer outings. I really like the look of the One Step Ahead Weekender Bag and the High Performance Backpack, and had read good things about the OSA bags on other threads. But I'm balking at the price... I don't think DH will be happy to see me spend $80 on a diaper bag!

I'm keeping my eyes open on eBay, but is there any way to get a better price on these bags? I'm guessing probably not, since they're apparently exclusive at OSA. If I can't get the price down I will probably get the Combi traditional. Or are there any other similar bags I might look at? I'm looking for one with the well-organized pockets like these bags have. The Samsonite Traveler looks interesting, but it's not as big as the OSA or the Combi and it's still $79!!