View Full Version : Lands End Little Tripper vs. Combi Urban Sling

12-01-2003, 12:05 AM
Does anyone know which bag is larger? Easier to use? Because of so many positive reviews about the little tripper, I figured I'd try to get a comparison before making my final decision. I was leaning toward the combi urban sling.

Also, does anyone know how these two compare in size to the Eddie Bauer Backpack? (which is what I have currently)

Thanks in advance!

12-02-2003, 12:25 PM
I have a LE little tripper that I bought last year (not the most recent version) and the Combi US.

I wouldn't say you could use one instead of the other. Each bag serves a different purpose, to me.

The LE LT is smaller than the Combi. We use it for quick trips only because you can't fit much in there other than the barest minimum for diaper changes. The Combi I use on my mall crawl excursions. It will hold a back up outfit, a blanket, 4 dipes, 2 cloth diapers that I use for drool wipes, a wipes case, tube of cream, a wallet, a hat and some small toys like Sassy links. The LE LT holds just the dipes, wipes, cloth, and just enough room left for either a book, toys or sippy cup.

Cindy and Anna 2/11/03

12-02-2003, 01:23 PM
I have both, and they are different. I don't really consider them interchangeable, I use them for different reasons. The Combi is bigger, not a lot bigger, but definitely holds more. It's a good bag when you are out a few hours and need several diapers, wipes,small blanket, change of clothes, a bottle or sippy cup, burpcloth, book or small toys, and my personal things. The LE little tripper is only for that quick trip, it only holds a couple of diapers, burp cloth, maybe a bottle, if I don't have too much else....you get the idea. I don't have the Eddie Bauer backpack, but from the looks of it, I'm going to guess that these hold a lot less.

They are definitely not a main diaper bag, unless you are really good at packing, or have lots of stuff in the car!


12-04-2003, 03:18 PM
I have both but since DS has gotten older, I use the LE Little Tripper ALL the time. We used the Combi when he was younger. Neither bag is really that large but I was able to really stuff the U/S. And I loved the way it looked on me...LOL. But I love my LT (I have the old style)....you can't go wrong either way!

12-06-2003, 06:09 PM
Just have to chime in because today I was so frustrated with my LT and said to DH that I wished I had bought the Combi US. The LT is just too small. We were just doing a little xmas shopping and could barely fit in burp cloth, a few diapers, case of wipes, extra outfit, and my wallet, and I was desperately trying to shove her rattle in there. I like having 1 diaper bag for everyday use, and one for travel (I have the big LE bag for that). Anyway, HTH.

Mom to Norah 5/23/03