View Full Version : About my Bubblegum Bag

12-04-2003, 12:47 PM
I said when I got it I would post pics, well, my baby arrived 3 weeks early, I did get the bag & I am VERY happy with it, been very busy, I will still post pics eventually, hubby has to be home because I dont know how to put pics on here. Just wanted to let u all know about the bag, for me it's great with all the pockets, keeps everything organized & I would definitely suggest getting the large size, when we went to my parents I could have actually used a little more room. I haven't used the outside pockets yet and I haven't closed the bag, I got the magnetic snap, more room if u keep it open, easy to get things out of the bag too which I like. When I wear it on my shoulder it hangs down to a perfect length.

I will try to post pics this weekend