View Full Version : Land's End - did they discontinue the Deluxe Do-it-all Diaper Bag?

12-10-2003, 05:01 PM
Land's End - did they discontinue the Deluxe Do-it-all Diaper Bag? Does anyone know? I can't find it on the website...

Does anyone know of bags other then LE that have the light colored interior that is supposed to prevent the "black hole" syndrome? What are these companies thinking when they put all black interior in the bag - you can't find anything!

12-11-2003, 10:35 AM
I can't say for sure. I've seen the Deluxe backpack but not the Deluxe DIA while hunting around on their site...

I'm sure you can email them. They have fabulous customer service. Let us know if you find out.


12-11-2003, 11:49 AM
Avent has a light interior.

12-11-2003, 12:25 PM
The mid city tote by Kalencom has a contrasting interior (burgandy). The Coachleather diaper bag does, too. The Ameribag Healthy Back Bag has a contrast liner. The Little Tripper does, too.

And I think my Gap corduroy bag has a lighter brown interior, but that bag is at MIL's so I can't run and check.

So do these:


12-20-2003, 02:55 AM
sorry to disapoint but i think they have discontinued the deluxe. i called le earlier this evening to ask about the dimensions of the dia origonal. the gal at cust. service said it looked like it's been discontinued in favor of promoting the delux backback. but hey , maybe if enough people as for it they'll bring it back. in the meantime watch the resale stores in your neighboorhood.

Kimberly H
12-20-2003, 07:30 AM
I'm wondering if they discontinued it to add a SHOULDER STRAP! ;D

12-20-2003, 10:30 PM
Just FYI, my Deluze DIA (from 2001) does NOT have a contrasting interior and it is somewhat hard to find things. It is also simply voluminous! I don't think they have re-designed the Deluxe DIA since I bought mine, even though the DIA and LT have been re-vamped twice since then.