View Full Version : Looking for a bag for 2 children.....

04-29-2005, 08:11 AM
I've posted before and still not quite sure what I want to purchase. I have 2 children almost 4 and almost 2. The 2 year old (boy) is still in diapers. I'm debating between the SH Dash, or a backpack. I like how the Dash hangs on strollers, but I also like the option of throwing a bag on my back if using umbrella strollers/ no stroller (we still use our double a lot).

One thing I really want is a bag with 2 side pockets for sippy cups. I also want something that will keep me organized! I would also prefer a spot for the changing pad that would'nt be near anything else, but if not i can put it in a zip lock bag or buy the disposable ones.

I usually carry: 4-5 diapers, wipes, sippys, snax, change of clothes for both kids, first aid stuff, a few toys... sometimes my wallet,cell,keys

Here are some I am looking at:

1. the Dash: I like all the features, but wondering if the material not being wipeable is practical.... I do like the chocolate one!

2. Babybaks singles backpack diaper bag. I like how you can attach this to your stroller if you want to. Also has interior pockets in main section.

3. Kecci babybag.... does anyone have this? i don't know what the inside looks like and doesn't look like has 2 backpackstraps.

4. BRU has a basic eddie bauer backpack diaperbag for about $35

5. Eagle Creek makes a backpack diaperbag too.

As you can see I have too many to decide on! I'm leaning towards Dash or Babybak, but then think I shouldn't spend so much and just get the Eddie Bauer..