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04-29-2005, 09:26 AM
Hi Everyone,
I’m really excited to announce that Ellington Leather, based here in Oregon, has been kind enough to offer BBB members (and anyone else they would like to mention the discount to) a 30% discount off their catalog! That’s for *ALL* items from the catalog :). This sale will start on Sunday, May 1st and continue through Sunday, May 15th.

To get the 30% discount, just type in “save 30” in the Discount Code Box at Checkout. . The discount (excluding the shipping cost) will be reflected in the final page at check-out.
You will be given an exact dollar amount (including shipping) in a confirmation, sent to the email address you indicate when placing your order. Shipping via UPS is usually around $5-$8/piece (estimate – Ellington only charges true shipping). If you are on the west coast and the item is in stock, you may expect it within 3-5 days. On the east coast, you shipment will probably arrive within 7-10 days.

If you all have not heard about these bags, I can attest to their quality and function. Their leather bags are very beautiful, but it’s their In-Flight Totes and Tripper Tote Pack that caught my eye for travel diaper bags. They are really easy-care bags, with lots of compartments, and great colors for spring and summer. Here are a couple of posts from some folks who have purchased the bags:


Please note: Those of you requesting the In-Flight Tote in blue, gray, and bamboo (yellow) – these are the “older” version of the In-Flight Tote and these do NOT have the messenger strap. If you would prefer to have the messenger strap (which is definitely on all the newer colors: kiwi, purple and also on the red and black), please make sure that you make that clear in the Notes section on the check-out page.

Also note that the Small In-Flight Totes do NOT have a messenger strap. The small In-Flight Totes in the old colors (blue, sage grey, and yellow/bamboo) do not have the two back-pocket zippers to slide over rolling luggage – only the small In-Flight Totes in the new colors do. However, the blue, sage gray, and yellow/bamboo bags still have a zip pocket in the same location.

I’ve been to the store quite a few times. I told Ed Elsasser (one of the owners) that I would be happy to field most of the questions for the gang, since he may get overwhelmed with bag dimension questions, “look and feel” questions, etc. So please PM me if you have specific questions.

Anyway, you can check them out at www.ellingtonleather.com !

04-29-2005, 09:45 AM
I was hoping the small In flight tote would be a less expensive version of the Fleurville sling tote I like but now that I know it has no messenger strap I'm bummed.I guess I'll save my money for something else.I think the large would be great for those with two in diapers but it's too big for me.
Nancy-Mom to 6 great kids

04-30-2005, 12:28 AM
I checked out the Ellington website the other day & was really drooling over the In-Flight totes, but just could not decide between the large & small size. The dimensions of the large sounded *so* big. Plus, I'm a real "hands-on" person that needs to see things IRL! LOL!!

So...today I searched out & found a store about 45 min away from me that carried Ellington bags & saw these IRL. They are the perfect organizational tote bag!! The large totes are the perfect size for a combo Mom/baby bag. Because of the way the shape tapers down from the top to the bottom, they do not look or feel too big at all. The organization is insane! Everything has a place, water bottles, sippy cups, wipes holders, etc.

They had the kiwi green, red & purple in stock. They are all lovely colors. The purple is a true Welch's grape jelly purple. I was hoping for more of a lighter purle, almost lavender, but it is much more of a royal purple. The kiwi & the red are both true to their online photos & perfect for Spring/Summer.

Thank you audball for negotiating this great deal...I think I'll be getting a couple of these!! (Heck, if you find the perfect bag, why not get them in a couple of colors?! LOL!)

04-30-2005, 01:10 PM
Just wanted to ask your opinion since you were lucky enough to see the bags IRL (apparantly there are NO dealers in my state at all!). Do you think the larger sized in flight tote would work for a mom with a toddler and newborn? I'm so awful, I have a bizillion diaper bags and I still do not quite feel that any of them are quite, "pefect." I should sell some of mine, most are practically brand new just sitting in the closet. I like that the ellington's seem so well organized and I am a big microfiber fan too. Now that you mentioned how nice the different colors are I am thinking maybe I'll get a plain black and a fun color too.

04-30-2005, 01:36 PM
Thanks for doing this! A few questions regarding the large in-flight tote:

1. how does the messenger strap attach to the bag and how long is it?

2. do the shoulder straps tuck in somewhere when using the messenger strap?

I need a bigger bag and I think I'm trying to decide between this and the LL Bean.


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04-30-2005, 02:17 PM

Which LLBean are you also considering, the diaper bag? I'm having the same problem, trying to decide between the two of these too. Problem is, I have never seen either one of these bags IRL. Right now I am still leaning more towards the ellington, b/c to me it looks like the LLBean is a lot bulker looking and I'm already short, I don't need something that will make me look even shorter.

04-30-2005, 02:26 PM
Yep, I'm looking at the diaper bag (well, actually the touring bag since it's the same; it just doesn't come w/ a changing pad). Oh, the interior of the black isn't lime on the touring bag, but I'm not sure about the other colors. I can't see them either IRL and the pictures aren't that great on either site although somewhat better on Ellington's. I like all the pockets of the Ellington, but I generally am not crazy about totes since you can't hang them over stroller handles and they always seem to slide down my shoulders which drives me crazy! I may end up buying both and seeing which one I like better.

dd 3/98
ds 8/04

04-30-2005, 04:05 PM
I think the large would be great for a diaper bag for a newborn and a toddler. The (water) bottle pockets in the main compartment are not insulated (they are mesh), but still, it's great for sippys and could probably fit an insulated bottle holder as well.

My thought is that at this price, they are so much less expensive than other diaper bags, it's worth at least trying out. And for the beach, or on the plane - they aren't so "super nice" that you would be worried about getting them a little roughed up.

04-30-2005, 04:17 PM
If you scroll down a little on AbbieF's post, she has some pics that describe how the messenger strap works on the Larger In-Flight Tote. I haven't seen the strap, since the In-Flight Totes in the showroom are the older style. But it looks like 2 D-rings that are on opposite sides of the bag. Probably not as stable as a true messenger bag (and I know you and I like those! :)), but good enough to hang from any stroller. If I get a chance, I'll try to measure a strap this weekend. I think the strap is about 1.5 inches thick.

I think the shoulder straps can fit into the pocket that's between the main compartment and the exterior pocket (they call them secure slip pockets)..at worst you can turn them into the main compartment, but that would make it an issue when zipping up the compartment...

Let me check when I go in...

04-30-2005, 04:34 PM
Hi Mags - Yes, I definately think the large In-Flight Tote would work for a toddler & newborn. The small would be *too* small. I am going to get the large & it will primarily be just for newborn stuff and my Mommy stuff too since I don't want to carry a seperate purse. I'm thinking about a black & probably a fun summer color, too.

I was thinking by looking at the dimensions alone that the large would be too BIG, but not after seeing it in person. The way it tapers down is nice because it doesn't have that huge boxy beach tote look, it gives you lots of room to look inside and see what's there, but still looks tailored & professional. I would say it definately has a life after a diaper bag. I could see it being used for a weekend bag or big purse for work (if you carry alot).

As for the strap, I think Audball already mentioned this, but I think are 2 small round metal loops on either side (kind of off center from each other) and the messenger strap loops across the center. Like she mentioned, not a TRUE messenger, but it would suffice if you want to sling it over your neck & shoulder for awhile. FWIW, I carried the tote in the store using just the attached shoulder straps & they have a long enough drop that it felt comfortable without being too short (I hate when shoulder straps are too short!). Plus if you want to hang it from your stroller, I was thinking you could get some of the stroller hooks (available at BRU or online) and probably hook them to the metal loops (where the messenger strap would go). It would probably work - or just hang the messenger strap over the handlebars, but it would probably just hang lower.

04-30-2005, 07:15 PM
Lol, I too am considering the regular touring bag, b/c I use disposable changing pads. I *think* the interior to the touring bag is grey or silver, instead of the lime green. I remember someone on here saying they didn't like the lime, so that's why they got the regular touring bag. Yeah, I was wondering about whether or not the ellington would be stroller friendly as well, but someone above mentioned that you might be able to use some hooks to attach the ellington to the stroller, so now I am REALLY interested in the ellington, lol. I prefer totes to messenger style bags, b/c I find it's easier to look for stuff up higher, than down by my hip. Someone also mentioned that the tote handles are long enough that it sits comfortably on your shoulder, so that's nice too, I hate shoulder bags with handles that are too short and keep falling off, I see so many cute purses that have this problem, it's frustrating.

04-30-2005, 07:19 PM
Thanks for the replies ladies! It's nice to know that this bag won't have a boxy beach tote look, b/c that's exactly what I am trying to avoid. I don't like it when bags get too, "fat," and then you look like santa claus lugging around his bag of gifts.