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04-29-2005, 08:41 PM
To finish off my thoughts on bags, I thought I'd also throw in some other bags that I've thoroughly enjoyed, but didn't make it to my "favorites" lists. :)

Chelsey Henry (www.chelseyhenry.com)- they get an honorable mention for their super-high-quality construction. I always rave about their hardware! Very high-end. :) They have a nice professional look that I think is perfect for a working mom. Lots of styles and colors to keep you trying more and more.

OiOi Hobo Bag (www.oioi.com.au)-{/b} I've had a love/hate relationship with OiOi. I used to just hate them, due to some quality issues with two separate bags and some design quirks. However, I recently broke down and bought my third OiOi, and I'm actually going to keep this one. :) I bought the Hobo in the blue peacock print. The strap adjusts nicely, good pockets, and I really like the insulated bottle holder. The ext pockets look small, but I can fit my water bottle and Gabe's sippy in there. My only complaint is that the interior still feels really cheap. It's a thin nylon. Plus the bag itself is noisy. It sounds like it's made out of plastic grocery bags...that crinkly sound.

Fleurville Mothership (www.fleurville.com)- okay, I owned three of these, so you'd think they'd make my faves list! I really like the bag...it's a great big size, good construction, high quality, great organization, and well made. I didn't like: useless side ext pockets and the wide shoulder strap that you can't adjust. I honestly never used the ext "bottle" pockets. They were too narrow for a bottle or sippy and were too deep for mom stuff like a cell or sunglasses.

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