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04-30-2005, 12:11 PM

I am due any day now with a little girl. I also have a 25 month old boy. I currently carry a tote-style bag and thus far, it has been adequate for my junk and stuff I need for my toddler (I also have a Kecci, but I feel like it's too fancy to use all the time). However, I know with an additional baby comes a lot more stuff to lug around, especially since we cloth diaper.

Can you please give me some suggestions on good quality bags that would accomodate 2 kiddos? I need something durable and washable. I like most any design - girly, sporty, trendy- everything!

Thanks in advance!!!

Amy : )
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04-30-2005, 06:58 PM

Congrats on the new one on the way...(my Jackson is getting a little brother in 4 months!!!!). I'm not sure what to suggest to you. The Wendy Bellisimo bags at TRU are HUGE. But what about a Lands End Do-It-All...I just got one and its BIG too. I think there'd definately be room for all the stuff you will need to carry.

They currently have it on the overstocks page for $11.50...it only comes in burnt orange, but its a really pretty color.

http://landsend.com/cd/ov/prod/0,1467,2_17273_17281_53982_112924_91371_,00.html?s id=2159190404529174960&CM_MERCH=PAGE_30909

Shipping is like $4 so you really can't go wrong for that price!

If that doesnt appeal to you, maybe you could continue to use a tote style and use some diaper sacks...



04-30-2005, 08:19 PM
I have a almost 5 month old and a 2 year old both in CDs. With 4 children I rarely go out for long enough periods that I need a huge bag. Most of the time I use my LLbean diaper bag. I can fit 2 AIo's for my toddler and 3diaper changes for my baby (either fitteds and covers or prefolds and wool) wipes, wet bag, toys and a spare baby outfit along with my junk. If I am feeling the need to spice that up I have used my Ella-Bags Lily bag or my Alpha 7 or a vera Bradley Vera tote. I think all of it would also fit in a Timi and Leslie Large bebe bag but I have not used mine yet. I know that with summer coming I am going to need to carry pool stuff and in general more stuff with my older two with us all day so I am going to Order a Lands End Boat Tote. The newest version has interior pockets and a zip top.

Oh and the one time have traveled by plane with all 4 ( an idea I don't suggest alone btw) I used a Lands end backpack

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