View Full Version : Fleurville ST for 2 kids?

05-02-2005, 10:03 PM
Would the Sling Tote be enough bag for a potty training 2 year old and her 5 month old brother who will be starting solids soon? I want to make sure it's big enough. I currently use a boring messenger bag but need something CUTE for spring. And I hate the flap on the messenger bag!!!

05-03-2005, 11:23 AM
I think it depends on how big a packer you are. Even though the dimensions are 5" deep, with the mommy pocket in front, and the same type of pocket along the back for the changing pad, the interior of the main compartment is snug. Kind of like the new style little trippers. The organization is great though. I would be able to make it work for 2, but I do not pack a lot. (I'm the type that figures, worst case scenario, we'd just go home. But others out there like to pack for every possible accident/need. So it depends on where you fit on the scale!) The tote straps are awesome - totally the right length to wear on your shoulder and stay on nicely. The messenger strap is nice and padded. Even though I usually like long straps like that, the tote straps were so nice I'd probably use those more often!

It is not a type of bag for carrying the kitchen sink (like the mothership seems to be). I don't know if I helped you any! IMO - it is a good small to medium bag. Although, I think it seems bigger than what it would hold.