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05-02-2005, 10:42 PM
I still have one in diapers but that is going to end soon. I will still need to carry stuff for the kids when we go out for awhile though as we'll be homeschooling in the fall. I also want to be able to carry this bag as a purse or tote without the kids and not have it scream "DIAPER BAG". I need easy to carry (preferably backpack or messenger bag), well organized, not too sporty that it can't be used most of the time, easy to clean. Here are the bags I am thinking of. The Ellingtons come in the Kiwi which I LOVE but am not sure how much they would go with other things I wear. I do have an Ameribag Baby Bag which I love, the Bean one is a bit smaller and more streamlined, comes in pretty colors also. So I definitely need color help too. ;-)

I currently carry a minimum of the following-
Small cosmetic case of lip balm, band aids, etc.
Small digital game
Paper back book
Diaper (this is the only thing I would not be carrying once he trains)
Pad of paper
Pocket calendar

Other items often added-
Few small toys
DH's wallets
Small snacks
Water bottle for me
Water for kids
5x7 planner

I have a few bags I love, but really need something that will go more long term with me as we move into the next phase of life. Right now I am rotating bags around based on which of the kids is with me, where I am going, etc. Once we homeschool they will be with me 90% of the time. If we are out for a full day I will then use the Sherpa since it has the cooler (I've even debated just getting the black Shorthaul and using that, but it is still sporty). So this is for all the rest of the time pretty much.

TIA! :-)




05-02-2005, 11:21 PM

I owe you an e-mail!!! I like the two ellington bags the best so I would get one of them. I think the top one is probably best since you lean towards backpacks but I'm ordering the travel tote in green myself. IMO the llbean one really looks like a diaperbag so I would rule that one out if you want more long term. I can't help you witht he color thing because I LOVE the green even though it's won't match my clothes either.

BTW- I got the sherpa and it's wonderful!!


05-03-2005, 06:55 AM
I voted for the In Flight Tote...I think you will like the organization best. Plus, it is a very classic looking bag- can't go wrong with that. If the green is calling to you, I say go with that! I am going to get an IF myself; I really want the bamboo (yellow) but I don't think it comes with the messenger strap :(

If you are really thinking you want a backpack though, I would go with the tripper tote. I love the red! I am thinking baout getting one of these as well. I know it is hard to decide on the color, I have gone back and forth so many times!


05-03-2005, 09:19 AM
Kath- I voted for the Tripper Tote which I just got!!! It is fabulous.....I'm going to order an Inflight Tote too though. I think you could probably carry all your stuff in a small in flight though.
I got the purple (shock, I know hehehe) and it's cool!

05-03-2005, 11:56 AM
Hey girl! I am glad the Sherpa worked out for you. :-) I have mine out ready to pack up for day trips. My bungie broke the first time I used mine, and I keep meaning to call about fixing it.

I am jealous, getting the kiwi tripper tote, huh? It looks so cute. I have a couple reservations about it, hopefully you'll get yours quickly and I can ask you. :-) I think the Bean bag is the most practical as far as organization, but I am afraid that most folks will think it looks like a diaper bag too.

Email when you have a chance. Are you going to the retreat, lmk. :-) :+

05-03-2005, 11:58 AM
Lol, Anne I am like you, I want one of each. My head is going "But it is such a great deal!" I wish the tripper tote had a strap to make it a shoulder bag too, then it would be perfect. ;-)

05-03-2005, 12:07 PM
Thank you Kristen. I tried to email you back but your account is bouncing it. :-( Besides the fluffy email I had a acouple questions. ;-)I will try to send the email again tonight and see if it will go through.

How is the organization inside? Could you put a drink or 2 in the outside pockets? How hard is it to open and close? Do you think security would be an issue with it(people trying to reach in when I would be out)? How hard do you think it will be to clean? Do you think it will mark up easily?

Thank you!

ETA- I sent it again, I think it went through since it didnt bounce back. :-)