View Full Version : Ellington Ordering Update II - They're Getting It Right Soon..!

05-03-2005, 12:54 PM
*IMPORTANT NOTE*: To make sure that you get the 30% off, please continue to add the reminder of the 30% discount in the notes section at check-out. They ARE reading these orders one at time to ensure that the pricing is correct!

Daniel, in their shipping/receiving dept., is trying to get it so that you all can see the invoice with the TOTAL (including shipping), as soon as the order is ready to leave the store - usually that same day! I told them that we aren't the most patient bunch :) - heh, heh- so he would have to understand that not hearing about a bag order for 24 hours was just about killing us - LOL!

When Daniel tried to send email with this to each person who ordered, it kept kicking him out of their ordering system (not the best thing for the shipping guy, right?). I was there when their IT person was working on fixing it - so soon all this will be resolved. He will send an email to each person who placed an order ASAP.

On a side note, Daniel showed me the dozen or so orders he has received already and he marks the discount, the item number, and the total price in permanent marker - so he's on it! :)

Thanks again, everyone, for your patience.