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05-03-2005, 05:30 PM
I am a brand-new poster to this BB. I didn't want to be repetitive and ask a question that has been asked a zillion times before, but I have searched and searched and can't figure out the answer to my question.

I am having my baby in mid-July. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out why so many diaper bags are so GI-normous, and therefore I am currently trying to decide between the Kecci Shanghai and the Fleurville Sling Tote. My questions are 1) am I crazy to think that a new, first-time mom can fit all she needs for baby into a bag this size? and 2) of the two, which would be better for organization, space efficiency, general looks, and practicality? I am not opposed to getting a second bag, but I am not a handbag collector and I don't see myself becoming a diaper bag collector, so I'd like to minimize the sheer number of bags I end up with.

Thanks so much!

P.S. - I have seen the Kecci Shanghai in person, but not the Fleurville, so I may be comparing apples to oranges here.

Emmas Mom
05-03-2005, 11:50 PM
Well, first off, welcome to the board! :) Secondly, where oh where is Mariana when you need her! ;) I'm sure there will be lots of people who can give you advice. I'll try but I don't have the Fleurville ST YET so I cannot yet compare the two...that'll be next weekend for me! :D

Anyway, take a deep breath...don't stress, you've got lots of time to figure this out. Actually some really good advice I received here (and this was after I'd gone through all the stress you're going through...on my own mind you) was to just use the hospital freebie bag you get until you figure out what type of packer you are. Initially I used the Lands End DIA diaper bag. It was BIG & held a lot. Worked good for me cause I carried the kitchen sink, so to speak. Finally got some more good advice from this board (they're SO helpful here! :)) and started packing a bag for my car...you know....extra diapers, change of clothes, food/drink (age applicable), wipes, diaper cream, toy, etc. That cut back a lot on what I actually needed to carry around in my diaper bag & I finally got a smaller bag. Personally I'm thinking the Fleurville ST will be my perfect bag. I hope I'm not expecting too much. I like the Kecci but there are a couple things...it's pretty "floppy", which bugs me a little. I wish it stood up better on it's own. Second, the fabric seems to snag a bit...at least for me. And I've heard it has zipper issues, but that's not an issue for me cause I never really close the zipper. Anyway, it does have pretty good organization and is VERY cute. I always seem to get compliments on it. Currently I use the Lands End LT, but DD is 20 months now & I really don't need to carry around that much anymore. I use it for my daily bag, it's got my stuff & hers in it. I got so tired of transferring stuff between my purse & the diaper bag I finally just combined the two (again, more good info from this board!). I am looking for something a bit more stylish & a bit bigger so again I'm really expecting great things with the Sling Tote! My fingers are crossed!

Hmmm, somehow the 2ยข I wanted to put in got a bit lengthy! Hope that helped somewhat & didn't just confuse you more!

Good luck!! :D

05-04-2005, 09:21 AM
It is hard to say. Moms find they either carry everything or very little. However they may combine the diaper bag with their purse, they may bottle feed vs breastfeed, use cloth vs disposables, etc. Just about the time you figure all that out your baby will probably start solids and throw you off again, lol. So the perfect bag for one is not the perfect bag for everyone and not neccessarily for the whole time, kwim?

The Fleurville looks promising, however it is too new to tell you what problems may crop up with them. The bag looks great, is versatile, and seems to be a hit so far. I love the tote or messenger style to it. It is very classy looking.

The Kecci is nice, less expensive by far but still a good bag. Their CS seems pretty good, and you can get some of their seconds bags really cheap (people have been finding them for less than $30 at TJ Maxx).

If you LOVE one go for it, you can always resell it if it isn't your right bag and start over. You don't have to be a collector, but your needs will change at various points along the way. You can always use the freebie bag from the hospital until you find out what you feel comfortable carrying in your bag. Best of luck and WELCOME!!!

05-04-2005, 10:16 AM
Hi Rebecca and welcome!

I currently own the Fleurville Sling Tote and have owned a couple Kecci's in the past.

I'm afraid I'm kinda biased in this situation, as both my Kecci's broke on me in the first month of use! The zippers broke on both bags, and although the company quickly replaced them, I was still really weary of their quality. I found the interiors to be really flimsy, but they did have nice organization.

The Sling Tote (and any Fleurville product) is really well-made. A few people had quality issues with the vinyl on the bottom of the Mothership, so Fleurville but nylon on the bottom of the Sling Tote, to help prevent any future problems.

So far, I'm super happy with the Sling Tote! Since you're having a summer baby, you won't be packing lots of sweaters or too many blankets, so the ST may be a good size for you! I tended to over-pack a lot in the beginning, so I used a really big bag. We also formula fed, and I had no idea how to do it efficiently then, so I was lugging tons of unnecessary stuff around! (For the record, if you end up formula feeding, get a formula dispenser from Target or BRU, carry a clean bottle, and a bottle of water - - most lightweight way to travel!)

I think you'd be very happy with the Sling Tote. If you end up wanting something larger, I'd go with a Timi and Leslie Large Bebe Bag.

Congrats on the upcoming birth!

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05-04-2005, 10:53 AM
Thank you everyone for your responses so far! This is a very supportive bulletin board.

I should probably clarify that I do anticipate needing different bags at different stages for babyT, and something totally different if/when we have a second. I just don't see myself changing diaper bags daily, KWIM?

Interesting point about the different needs of bottle vs. breastfeeders, cloth vs. disposable. I am hoping to breastfeed, but I know that best laid plans... I am also planning to use disposables. Additionally, if this makes a difference, not only am I having my baby in the summertime, but I live in Houston, TX so I will not have a need to carry cold-weather gear really.

I had no idea that many hospitals give you a bag! I wonder if mine does, must check with friends who have delivered there. That could be a good thing to do, wait and see what we think we'll need. It's just that this is the one thing I am buying for myself, just for me, and I am excited about it! :)

Any other opinions appreciated!

05-04-2005, 12:46 PM
I was in the exact same place you are a year ago. I really wanted to buy something for myself. I looked at so many bags (on line) for months I didn't know which way was up. In the end I ordered a WAHM bag and it wound up too small. :( Here's the thing I wish I had waited until after the baby was born. Then after the baby I posted an emergency need here on the board, to replace the WAHM tote I had. Skip*Hop Duo came up so I ordered one of those. Well, I found that I was an over packer and the slimness of the Skip*Hop was annoying. So, I saved and saved and got a T&L large Bebe still had problems w/over packing. I realized I should've stuck w/my first original plan and get a Mothership, but by this time I was learning to pack "less". I'm still an overpacker, but DS doesn't need as many bottles. I should say I didn't breast feed so bottles, formula dispenser and water need more room. Now, I have an array of bags for different things. I love my new Chester backpack for quick trips. I just got my ST and can't wait to try it out, it looks like a perfect size, but they all do at first LOL.

I hope that this doesn't seem like I'm discouraging you it's just that I've bought and sold many a bag and haven't found the "perfect" one yet. Maybe it's how I actually feed my addiction. Think about the things you'll want to carry in your bag, then see what bag would help facilitate holding those things. So many people may love a bag you just don't. I learned that, and learned to gage my preferences. That is where you need to focus.

At first use the hospital bag, yes they all give one, and then you'll see what kind of packer you are.

I saw you say that you are in Houston. Even though it is warm there you will still carry a lightweight blanket and hat. I'm in LA and my DS was born end of June. We still had to bundle him up (lightly) b/c at first they don't have a sense of the weather, they just need to be warm.

Now after all this long message I can say good luck and use this board as a place to help. It helped me so much in the last 10 months that I don't know what I would do.

P.S. Now that I'm prg w/#2 I'm starting to wonder what bag now? LOL :)

05-04-2005, 02:46 PM
I would try to see if you can find any in real life to get a sense for them, but then wait to buy/order after your baby arrives. Then you'll have a better idea of what you like to pack. You could even just use a backpack or tote that you might already own. I think every hospital nowadays gives out a free one - they come from the formula companies. You could probably even go to the Enfamil or Similac websites - they probably let you order one there even (anything to get you hooked on one brand of formula over another!)

Some things to think about:

1) Straps - are you a messenger, backpack or tote style gal?
2) If messenger style, would opening a flap bother you?
3) Closures - do you prefer the secureness of a zipper, or the openness of a magnetic or snap?
4) A place for mommy things - is this important to you? You could throw a wristlet or cosmetic bag with your stuff in an open bag, or lots of bags now come with designated compartments/pockets for cell/pen/wallet/keys/etc
5) Weight. Vinyl bags can weigh more than nylon ones.

This is by no means complete, but it's a start and something to consider when you're looking at bags. Do you have a Nordstrom in Houston? I was surprised at the selection of high end bags that they had in their baby dept.

Good luck and congratulations!

05-16-2005, 12:24 PM
Well, best laid plans... I really appreciate all of your advice, and was well on my way to getting a Sling Tote, when I stumbled upon a Mothership for 75% off! I figured that, for longer trips and whatnot, I really couldn't go wrong, especially not for $37! So now I have that. I will still possibly get a Sling Tote or Kecci as a smaller everyday bag, because I just don't see needing all that space for one child just out and about. But I am very glad to have a nice big bag for when I need it!

Thanks so much for everyone's responses!

Emmas Mom
05-16-2005, 12:31 PM
OMgosh! Where did you find that deal on the Mothership?? Wow, that's great!

05-16-2005, 12:47 PM
It was at a little baby boutique here in Houston, it used to be called Maggie's and now they're called Nest & Cot. Cute stuff. They had three Motherships marked down, and the one I got was the houndstooth one with the fuschia lining. I really like it, even though I *still* think it's gigantic!

I just put an eBay bid on a Kecci in Chartreuse, since I can't find that color anywhere. Wish me luck!

05-17-2005, 07:32 AM
I am a first time mom too (expecting July)-

I got a Kecci in Chartruese (it's just as pretty IRL!) just yesterday-I posted on the bagswap board and someone offered to sell me a spare! Bidding on ebay for that color goes a little high at times. I also got a skiphop dash that matches my strollers to attach to the stroller, and as a bag DH can carry. I am hoping that between the two bags, all my needs will be met. I took reccs from everyone on this board- so helpful!! I loved the ST but DH felt it was too feminine for him to carry- wasn't nuts about the tote style, wanted a messenger bag.

Happy hunting!

05-18-2005, 09:40 AM
LOL, those are my 2 bags - the Skip*hop dash and a kecci (magenta). Oh, we also have a Lands end Little tripper that lives in DH's car.

05-18-2005, 10:06 PM
Yay! I won the Chartreuse Kecci on eBay! :-)