View Full Version : Diaper bag to hang from Peg Perego hooks?

05-05-2005, 07:20 PM
I just got a new Venezia and my skip hop just slides down the handlebar. It works so much better for my P3. So I need a new diaper bag that has clips that I can hang from the loops on the Venezia that are really for the Peg Perego diaper bag. I have a Kecci, but I want to use something a bit more casual too. I'd rather not spend a ton as I already have 3 diaper bags (Kecci, Skip Hop, VB Baby Bag), none of which work too well with the Venezia handlebar. Ideally, I'd like the bag to have an external bottle pocket that I can use for my water bottles (I'm a nursing Mom!). The cupholder on the Venezia is a joke. I might take it off and mail it back to PP to let them know what I think of it ;).

Olivia 1/14/05