View Full Version : I Just Had an Epiphany!! Maybe I Don't Need a Black Bag?

05-06-2005, 07:32 PM
I have always had tons of black purses (and the occassional brown or denim). I always figured you could never have enough of the quintessential "black" bag. So, go figure, now that I'm shopping for a diaper bag for DD on the way, I keep trying to find a black diaper bag.

There are a few solid black ones out there that function well as diaper bags, but the problem is, I'm drawn to all the really cool, colorful diaper bags (like the T&L brocades, the Keccis & the fun Fleurville Sling Tote colors) and they are all so multi-functional, have great organization & are really stylish. I keep hesitating because something in my head says, "It needs to be mono-tone, it needs to be black (or at least khaki or something universal) so it will go with everything".

Well, I just got back from a Dr's appt (DD is looking fine :)) plus a 3 hr diaper bag side-shopping trip & purchased 4 bags that really are NOT diaper bags. They are big purses & totes that had some multi-pockets that I "thought" would work. Well, I just tried them out by packing them up & none of them are as organized as I hoped. None of them hold a bottle upright, even though some had large pockets, they just won't do. Plus most of them all have dark black interiors. (Someone needs to enlight the purse folks & have them mimic some of the bright interior colors of their bags just like some of the diaper bags!)

So....then I looked over at my Ellington totes that just came in the mail yesterday & between the black (yes, I got a black one :)) & the Kiwi, I have to say I'm really loving the Kiwi *WAY* more! I think the black may go back.

And for the price of all those 4 purses I just bought, I'm probably going to take them back & splurge on a Skip Hop, a T&L and maybe (just maybe, if I don't choke on the price..) a Sling Tote.

Ahhhh....the epiphany of diaper bag heaven!! I guess you live, you learn! I'm learning..... :)