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05-07-2005, 09:46 AM
I am taking a trip later this summer and will be all day travel and site seeing...so I need a big bag that i can put alot in. I have a 5 month old now and a five year old, and will be carry all the "tourist" stuff and would like it in one bag. TIA!!!

05-07-2005, 10:09 AM
I think the Ellington In Flight tote (larger size) would work really well for you! I don't personally have this (yet!) but if you read some of the posts below, you can find reviews re: size and how much can be packed in the large, etc.

If you order one of the newer colors (red, black, kiwi, or purple), it comes with an attachable messenger strap in addition to the tote straps. It has organization (pockets!) galore and seems to be a pretty good size. In fact, there are pics that of another poster wearing the large In Flight tote. You can see that it looks pretty large!

With the 30% off promotion that they are offering to BBB members right now, you almost can't lose! I am definitely going to be ordering one (at least!) of these bags. I have an almost 5 month old that I will be taking cross country sometime during the summer. I intend to use this as my travel bag...and right now I am packing a lot!


05-07-2005, 05:03 PM
Some huge bags I can think of ;):
1. Posh Baby Ulitmate Diaper Bag (www.poshbaby.com)
2. Timbuk2 Medium Messenger (www.timbuk2.com, sierra trading post.com)
3. Fleurville Mothership
4. Bumble Bags Jessica Style (convertible backpack/messenger)
5. Kecci Convertible Bags (backpack/messenger)
6. Baby Sherpa Backpack (probably the best for hiking and all-day sight-seeing)

05-07-2005, 07:50 PM
I use a Baby Sherpa when I am doing all day site seeing or similar stuff. It has a diapering compartment at the top, side pouches for stuff like cell phones, a mesh bottle holder and insulated bottle holder attached to the sides but removable, a cooler on the bottom (how much did my family love me when we were at a fair this past Christmas and I told them drinks are on me. I pulled out waters for all the adults and slushy capri suns for all the kids. Saved a ton and we all chipped in for pizza to eat, lol. :-)), a front pouch pocket and a bungee for jackets or blankies. Mine does not see daily use right now, but will be used a lot this summer and next year (we will be homeschooling though by then I hope not to have to be bringing diapers, lol, as my youngest is 3).

I only wish I had gotten it sooner for stuff like that. I have used lots of backpacks trying to find the "right" one, but they all hurt my back because everything sunk to the bottom. This allows the weight to be distributed well and is super comfortable!

There are other bags. I would stick to either a backpack or a messenger as they keep your hands free for grabbing excited (and not always thinking) kids. ;-) Some worth looking at are the Lands End Backpack, the LL Bean Diaper bag, the Kelty Diaper Day pack, Eagle Creek Parent Pack, the Kapoochi Diaper Backpack, the Timbuk2 line (messenger bike packs, not truly diaper bags), maybe even the Old Navy Messengers (that were Timbuk2 knock-offs, a good size messenger with a padded strap and mesh water bottle holders on the ends, they are probably no longer in stores but a few of us had gotten them when they clearanced, pm me if you are interested in one, I think I still have one).

Other things to consider...Think how you will be getting the kids around too, will you be strollering or slinging? Do you need to carry the bag and a newborn? What do you need to carry (do you use cloth or sposies, breast or bottle, etc) and what will you need to access most frequently? What is your price range? Will it need to travel on a plane, etc?

I hope this helps get you thinking of a few bags. :-) Happy shopping!!!

05-08-2005, 05:41 PM
I have an older Kelty bag and I do like it....it wears very well and has taken a lot of abuse and doesn't show it, so the Kelty does score high for me.
The only thing that I am not sure about the sherpa is the cooler....I know that I will be using it for snacks and baby food soon, But I tend to carry a separate bottle bag, I keep it in the car and take out the bottles as I need them, I found out the hard way if a bottle leaks, even if it is just water, it wets everything in the bag, so I now I learned to carry just a spare bottle and a bottle of water in my actual diaper bag. Yes, that was before this board!!! i just wonder if I will use the cooler or not...how easy is it to clean out? Easy to get stuff in and out of? It would be handy for trips to the zoo and all day trips, that I wouldn't have a chance to go back to the car.....hmmm, now I am thinking this through....if only it had a shoulder strap or some way to strap it to the stroller....do the backpack straps unclip? I could clip it to my stroller if it did, does it fit under the stroller in the basket?
Sorry for all the questions. I am thinking this might be a great bag to take to the beach this summer... only one bag to carry instead of two. Do bottles fit in the cooler....I am using wide mouth Dr. Browns bottles...would they fit? I like backpack styles especially at the park or zoo, but if I take my stroller somewhere, I don't wear my bag, I put it in the stroller. I sling the baby sometimes, but lets face it, this summer he will probably be in it less and less and it gets so hot in the south...all of us want our space and air!!!! Price isn't an issue, a good fit for me with a bag is, KWIM? Thanks for all your help, and once again, sorry for all the questions!!!!

05-08-2005, 08:28 PM
Adding to Aud's list!
The Haiku is an awesome big bag!

05-09-2005, 04:32 AM
The cooler is separate at the bottom so it wouldn't get the rest of your gear wet. It is easy to access and easy to clean. For strollers I just sling the shoulder straps over the stoller handles and do up the sternum strap-works great. Just be careful not to overload your stroller too much that it tips.

The Dr. Browns fit in the cooler and in the insulated bottle pocket. One tip too for keeping things cool in your cooler, freeze a bottle of water and use that for your freezer pack, as the water melts you have fresh cool water.

The cooler portion is also great for storing wet swimsuits.



05-09-2005, 11:38 AM
Thanks!!!! I think this may the perfect bag for traveling and trips. At first I din't think I would use the cooler but now I am rethinking this...it would be great for the beach and zoo trips.....yes I think there might be a purchase!!!! I never thought of using the sternum straps but yes I can see where that would work. And if I know the Dr. Browns bottles work in the cooler, that woudl be great for the beach!!!! Thank you for all your help!!!