View Full Version : Help a Mom to Be Figure out Diaper Bags

05-08-2005, 09:12 PM
I just started my third trimester and will be having our first baby in the beginning of August. One of the big things on my To Do List is to find a diaper bag but I have NO CLUE what I'm doing and what to look for! I'm planning on breastfeeding and will be a SAHM. Most of our outings will probably be for a few hours, but I'd like to be able to take a bag that will handle being out for the day if need be. I've got a Zooper Zstreet stroller which has a fairly small basket so the diaper bags that I can clip on to the handles look appealing to me. I like messenger style bags in general and would like something that doesn't constantly fall off my shoulder and is easier to get in to then a backpack. I have no idea if I'll be a light or heavy packer but will probably err towards heavy, at least at the beginning. I'd rather have too much room then not enough! Any suggestions on particular bags would be greatly appreciated :)


05-09-2005, 12:05 PM
It really depends if you like a more dressier style or not.....Some suggestions for non dressy style.....
Mustard Sprout
Kelty Kids bag (three way handle is GREAT)
Sherpa Baby bag (I think this is the one I am buying for all day trips and vacation)

I like the looks of the Timi and Leslie but don't yet own one
I like the Skip Hop Expo (but don't yet own one)
I have a diaper dude and love it but it doesn't hold enough for me, but I am a heavy packer

I have a landsend DIA bag but I really didn't like it....It holds a lot, but I just didn't like the plain look. But it is a good starter bag. And very good quality.

The vera bradley bags are nice too....Nice organization.

Hope this gives you some ideas.