View Full Version : ISO cute diaper bag that won't fall off my shoulder again and again...

05-12-2005, 11:58 PM
hi there,

i'm on my third diaper bag--the estyle "undiaper bag," which is almost perfect. fun colors, roomy, pockets, changing pad. But... it refuses to stay on my shoulder and I'm tired of retrieving all of my stuff. anyone have a recommendation for a fun bag that comes in different fabrics (not a fan of the vinyl/laminate look, as practical as it may be), has room enough for two kids still in diapers, and that won't roll off my shoulder? I'm not much of a backpack type and am thinking I'll need to go with a messenger style bag. I really like the Sally Spicer and some of the Ella bag looks but I'm just not sure the SS ones have enough pockets, and I'm not sure the Ella bags will be big enough or will stay on my shoulder well enough since I'm usually holding the baby or my toddler.

I'm a longtime reader who only today decided to ask for some help. thanks for reading this far. i've learned so much from the BB books and these boards. I really appreciate the help. Aplogies if this is a duplicate post. I wrote a different version, which seemed to disappear into cyberspace. Either that or I really am a newbie. Thanks.