View Full Version : LOVE my New Expo and Mac QUESt

05-13-2005, 04:31 PM
I just had to share with everyone how much I love my new bublegum expo and mac quest. I just received them tonight and I have the bag all packed up and pushed the stroller around my house. The bag is so much skinnier than my llbean bag and I love how it wears closer to my body than the bean bag when carried messenger style. It has everythin in it that my bean bag did too.
The stroller pushed around the house like a dream too. It was so different than my cheapie stroller, as it should be since I paid a ton more for it. Any way I just had to share my excitement with everyone!!!!
Oh yah I am in love with the bubblegum color too it is soooooo fun. I have never had a pink bag before either and I can't wait to go out in public with it!!!
I ordered from Marilyn at arunningstroller.com and she was wonderful, and I ordered it on Saturday and it is here today!!!!
Thanks for listening, sinces my dh was just like what another bag and a stroller wow :)