View Full Version : Photos Review Brighton Lulu Diaper Bag tote

05-13-2005, 08:29 PM
I found an excellent deal on this bag on ebay. It is new, and the same style that is currently in the Brighton stores (though I think they haven't changed the diaper bag style for a while).

This review is my first impression only. I plan to use the bag this weekend, so I will come back and update the review with how I feel about the bag in use.

Bag dimensions and details:
15 1/2 w x 11 1/2 h x 4 1/2 d
2 outer, vinyl lined bottle pockets
1 exterior snap pocket
brown, leather tab closure on top (snaps)
brown, braided leather straps
front flap pocket
7 interior pockets!
3 compartments (one middle zip compartment, two other compartments)
vinyl overlay changing pad (24 x 15 1/2)
cosmetic case (10 x 7 1/2)
blue, gingham interior
key fob



Interior with changing pad (not sure if pad can be folded another way to fit differently).

Interior with changing pad removed.

Cosmetic case and changing pad.

Detail of quilting on changing pad.


Next to Mothership (not sure why this came out so small).

This bagis beautiful! it is beautifully constructed, with charming details. Each pocket has embroidered appliques on it.
It is comfortable to carry (though I have not put any items in it yet).
The organization is wonderful- I can't get over how many pockets there are! Several of the interior pockets are also vinyl lined.
The changing pad is wonderful! It is large, well-padded, with a detachable vinyl cover.
Generous sized cosmetic case.
From the comparison pic you can see it is not quite as large as the Mothership. It is a good size for me right now. Lately I've been carrying more because I have to carry so many snacks plus drink items.

It is fabric - the bag needs to be scotch-guarded and spot-treated if anything stains the fabric.
It is a bit on the heavy side. I am not sure how I will feel about this once it is fully packed.
Also, I am not sure how maleable it will be, it seems pretty stiff, so it may not "stretch" enough when stuffed.
One other thing- though I love the changing pad, it does take up a lot of room when in the bag.

I'll be back with a follow-up once I use it :)