View Full Version : Need help w/ Ellington In Fligh t Tote - Are they all microfiber? or is the black microfiber the only one?

05-14-2005, 03:12 PM
On the website, only the black microfiber was specified, all other colors don't have the word "microfiber" listed. Does anyone receive their tote(other than the black one) yet? Is the tote really light-weight? I have a similiar tote from Coach but it's very heavy so I want to make sure the red one I'm about to purchase is really really light weight.



05-14-2005, 08:03 PM
I have the kiwi(green) and yes, its microfiber. I had ordered mine a couple of months ago. I think its pretty light weight based on the size. Definitely lighter than most Coach bags I've tried, but its not nylon so its not as light as say a LeSport Sac. HTH

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