View Full Version : Need diaper bag comparable in size to the LE backpack

05-15-2005, 05:37 PM
OK, so I just received my Hotsling this weekend and DD and I LOVE it! It's quite a relief to not have to carry her around with no support. She went on a stroller strike over a year ago. BUT, I've been using the LE diaper backpack for two years and love it -- it's been my only bag. But, I can't use that while I have the sling on, unless I just shove it over one shoulder. So, what would be a nice size diaperbag to use with a sling? Here are my requirements:
1) DD is still wearing diapers, so the bag has to be about the same size as the LE diaper backpack.
2) Cost -- I can't afford an ultra bag. Need it to be around $65 or less.
3) I got the turquoise Hotling -- I need a bag that won't clash with that color.

Gretchen & Lyra (12/30/02)

05-16-2005, 11:55 AM
Hmmmmm....well, I can wear my LE backpack with my hotsling(LOVE IT!), but I don't wear the sling way down on my arm either. My favorite bag that I use all the time now is my Skip Hop Dash. I wear it messenger style and put the sling on over it. I have the blue pansy reversible hotsling and the pink Dash. Looks really cute! Really, any bag you wear messenger style will work. Just put the bag on first and put the sling over it. My Dash holds a TON and lays flat against my back. I love the combo.