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05-17-2005, 01:41 AM
If anyone out there has a seatbelt bag made by Harvey's, they just came out with a diaper bag that is too cute! I have 3 seatbelt bags (a backpack, a zipper tote, and a clutch) and I absolutely love them. They are really durable...I take mine everywhere and always get compliments, so I'm REALLY excited about this diaper bag. Problem is, they only come in black right now, and I was really hoping for the other fun colors.

If anyone buys this bag, PLEASE post a review. I'm going to have to wait until my birthday in June to get one (can't justify it right now, I just bought a Fluerville Sling Tote, a Kecci, and a LE DIA, not to mention I received a Skip Hop as a shower gift), but I can't wait! I do know, however, that the lining in the bag is a steel gray, not black. The company is based here in Orange County, CA, and at a recent factory sale I asked the sales rep about them. The only downside to these bags is that while they are sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear (and still look brand spanking new) they aren't the most lightweight of bags. They tend to get a little heavy. Not a big deal for me since I usually hang my bag from the stroller (or leave the big one in the car), but I thought I'd mention it.

Here's the link to the site...


Emmas Mom
05-17-2005, 10:52 AM
I LOVE THOSE BAGS!!! Oh my gosh, why do companies keep torturing me like this! lol I have a good friend who has one of their totes & I love it. They are kind of heavy though. Maybe I'll have to ask for one of the small totes for me...I don't think I'd like the diaper bag better than my new Sling Tote. Still, they are such cute bags. Yet another dilemma for me to ponder over. If anyone gets one, I'd love to see a review too. :)

06-06-2005, 06:33 AM
Oh, yes, the Seatbelt Bag. I've wanted one forever (and have been known to follow ladies around stores, etc. who have them, just to admire their bags).

So when I got pregnant (due in August) I decided I wanted one as a diaper bag. Problem was, I wasn't sure which size to get.

But NOW, now they have a *specific* diaper bag! It was more than I wanted to spend but I ordered it anyway. I should be receiving it any day now and will post an update! I also ordered the wallet in red.

The diaper bag is 16w x 12h x 6d. While I'm not 100% sure yet, of course, I have a feeling this might end up being a little big for our needs.

I was thinking of maybe getting the large tote as well (one can never have too many bags) which is 12 x 10 x 4. Do you think that would be big enough for short trips? I plan on sticking my wallet in the bag as well.


06-06-2005, 10:26 AM

I've got the large tote with zip and the backpack (and a clutch and mini-messenger...what can I say, I LOVE these bags and the factory is only about 5 miles from my house...BTW, I REALLY want one of those wallets!). Both are DEFINITELY large enough for quick trips. I got both of these in my pre-baby days, so I don't really know how much baby stuff they can hold. If you're getting the tote, I suggest the zipper, the snap one leaves the top pretty open and I don't like the feeling that things may fall out or someone can just reach inside and grab anything. FWIW, I got my zip tote the same time that Harry Potter #5 book came out. I carried that huge book as well as all my regular purse stuff (wallet, cell, keys, make-up bag, etc.). Everything fit great. The backpack was recently redesigned and can carry more than the older models, but I have an older model and I can attest that it held TONS as well.

Also, these bags are nearly indestructible! We go to a lot of baseball games and I always used my backpack. Once, I put it on the ground under our seats, and at the end of the game, I realized someone had spilled beer all over it! There was also grime from the ground (never placed it there again...stupid me!) But I brought it home and just spot-cleaned it, sprayed it with febreze to get the beer smell off, and it looked brand new! I've had it for 5 years now and it's been used and abused...but it still looks new!

I feel like a walking commercial for these bags, but what can I say? DH would rather I be addicted to these bags than to Coach or Kate Spade bags, right?

Have fun with your new bag...I saw on the website that it now also comes in pink! Did you get the black?

06-06-2005, 06:13 PM
Thanks for all the info on the tote! I think I will definitely get the Large tote eventually (and with the zipper - good point about stuff falling out or people grabbing things out of it).

Wow, it looks like they JUST added the extra colors for the diaper bag! When I ordered mine last week they only had black available. That's probably what I would have gotten anyway, although I do love the red color.

I got the wallet in red and I am really, really excited to get it. I've never had a nice big wallet like that!