View Full Version : Suggestions for diaper bag expecting 2nd baby 6/20/05

05-21-2005, 06:37 AM

I am expecting my 2nd baby, my daughter Carly will be 14 months when he or she arrives. I think that I am need of a new diaper bag. Any ideas?
Also, I would appreciate advice from anyone with little ones this close together. Did you buy or receive a lot of new supplies, bouncer, swing, Bjorn etc...? It seems like I have everything, and it is all fairly new, but am always willing to try new things. Any advice would be appreciated--

05-21-2005, 04:58 PM
Congratulations on your next arrival! Mine are 16 months apart. Other than a new bouncy seat (never used one with baby #1), double stroller, and now a new diaper bag, I didn't buy new supplies as I already had them. Kind of nice!

As for diaper bags, I just ordered a whole bunch, since I need more space for two. My favorite so far is the new LL Bean diaper bag. I'm kind of a light packer, but there's more than enough room for other stuff if necessary. I also ordered a Fleurville sling tote(for something more fun) that I'm still expecting in the mail. The other ones that I ordered (but probably will return), were a Kecci(awesome looking, but too big looking), Skip Hop Dash, Duo, and Expo (cool looking,too deep, dark interior, hated the velcro), and a medium Lands Ends Diaper tote (cute, but for me the Lands End Little Tripper and the LL Bean Bag are more functional, plus DH will carry them). I may also order a bag from clutterbags.com as there are some fun, cute ones and they're not too pricey. Other than that, no more bags for me, otherwise I'll have to go back to work earlier LOL!!

There are a bunch of other stylish, bigger bags out there for two, so you will get some good suggestions. Congrats again!