View Full Version : So I have an odd question???

05-23-2005, 10:21 AM
Would you use a skip hop expo as a bag other than a diaper bag? I have the pink expo and love the look but now I am wondering how much I really like it for a diaper bag. I am a high school teach and carry a small apple ibook and a plan book to school each day along with my wristlet. Do you think the skip hop looks too much like a diaper bag to carry to work??? I would like to use it for that since I think it might work better for me for that purpose??? I have a chester backpack I bought on ebay on it's way and am excited about getting it so I'll need to find another use for the SH.

So what do you think???

I also have an ellington in flight tote on its way so I'll have to decide what to do with that too. Maybe that will be a good long trip bag???? We'll see!!!
I really need to stop buying bags than I won't have to worry about when and how to use them