View Full Version : Skip Hop question....can you use something to soften up the velcro?

05-28-2005, 05:48 PM
I initially wasn't a big fan of the Skip Hops and had recently ordered a Dash, Expo, and Duo (since I couldn't see any IRL). The velcro really bothered me, but mostly I hated the dark interior. (I ordered red, but the bottom part on the Expo/Duo was still darker which I didn't like. And I hated the all black interior of the Dash)

Well I also ordered a Denim one which came today, and I must say I'm liking this one much better than the others. The interior is red and the denim gives it a cool look. It will go with anything, without being black! (I already have enough black bags) My peeve is still the pocket velcro as it scratches my hands. It doesn't scratch when it's on the stroller, it does when I wear it, though. Will it soften up over time?

I wish the pockets could be made with a magnetic closure, but I guess the price would be considerably higher...


05-28-2005, 08:41 PM
Hi Marcy -

I recall a thread awhile back on this board about this very topic. I just did a search & I'm not sure I found all of them, but I did see one where it was suggested to put heavy duty tape over the abrasive side of the velcro that scratches your knuckles. I thought I had read another recommendation to rub the scratchy velcro part with a towel or something soft to wear it down, but I couldn't find that post.

I know exactly what you mean about the scratchy velcro though. I just bought the Red Dash & although I LOVE the organization & how it hangs on our stroller, when you reach into it while it's on a stroller it really kills the knuckles. Of course, as others have pointed out, if you wear it on your shoulder messenger style, then you'll be reaching into the front pocket with your hand the opposite way (so your knuckles are outside) and then the velcro does not scratch. So, I guess sometimes it's good & sometimes it's not so good.

I emailed Skip Hop about this about a month ago when my Dash first arrived & they said they have heard a lot of suggestions to change the velcro & will probably be doing a redesign of it in the future, but no specific date was mentioned in the email they sent me.