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05-29-2005, 06:02 PM
I want to get a good friend of ours a diaper bag loaded with goodies when her new baby arrives (any day now!). I was thinking of SkipHop--not sure which one yet (but I love my Duo)--but am open to suggestions.

Which of the 3 would you pick, and what would you put in it? I'd like to keep it right around $100 for everything.


05-29-2005, 08:13 PM
Skip Hop is a cute idea...if nothing else, she can use it on her stroller only, but will probably love the bag.

Couple of questions: What is your friend having-boy or girl? That might be nice for color ideas on the skip hop. Or if you know what kind of stroller she has, to match the bag to the stroller but that might be harder to do.

Do you want usable baby supplies, such as powder, baby wipes, some diapers, diaper cream, disposal bibs, baby wash,baby tyenol, and maybe even a container of formula or breast pads which either would work for you.

You could make a very "special" bag...little gifts that you found out to be really nice.....here are some examples,
bumkin bibs (I LOVED these and found that they are the BEST bibs EVER!)
A little travel silky
A really cute stuffed animal
some binkies!!
really nice blanket, little giraffe ones are great! But also, gap and gymboree cotton blankets are nice and not to expensive, great in the hot weather too.
A little baby bucket hat to keep the sun off the baby's face (gap makes nice ones and not that expensive)
Some teethers or little baby toys
A boo bunny

You could do the diaper bag and get a nice photo album to put in it, I know I personally go through a ton of hallmark albums with all the pictures I take!

Buy a bunch of outfits/sleeper/onesies/socks , all things that she could use!!!

Also, if your friend has had a bunch of showers or lots of family that might give her tons of baby gifts....so for older gifts to fill the bag....such as a bunch of sippy cups, snack cups, bibs (I highly recommend the bumkin ones), spoons, table toppers.

Just some different ideas!

05-29-2005, 09:18 PM
I did this recently for a shower and included a lot of the things the pp listed. But I also added an iron on patch that personalized the bag a little bit. They aren't expensive and make it a little more just for her (but also make it non-returnable, the only down side).

05-29-2005, 11:12 PM
Items for in the bag I would also suggest, that haven't been mentioned:
-Kiddopotumus Tiny diner
-Snack Trap
-Hand sanitizer- there's a nice one called the jelly wrap, that you can attach to the bag. Very handy. Got mine at Target.
-Diaper duck- plastic bag dispenser for diapers
-Huggies disposable changing pad
-wipes container
-Shout wipes-for accidents on mom

06-01-2005, 02:59 PM
Okay--I've gotten started and here's what I have so far:

Skip Hop Duo in Red (I think!) that I'm getting today. I decided to get it from Nordstrom, since there's one here in IL, and one out in OR where she can exchange colors/styles if need be.

In it, I'll put a mix of baby/toddler stuff (she can sort through it as needed! :)

--onesie from Gymboree as a change of clothes that I got during their Mem. Day sale--it's plain, but with a little sleeve and collar detailing that make it pretty cute on its own, and takes up very little space in the bag
--sippy cup to put in the mesh pocket (playtex blue and orange one--we all went to U of IL, so they'll think that's funny. :)
--"icky baby" bib I picked up on sale-- folds up very flat to take up very little space--and can be wiped off with baby wipe to clean after eating out
--Sassy teething toy

Things that they'll use and need to replace:
--Gerber breast pads (my favorite)
--hand sanitizer (jelly wrap from target!)
--tiny first aid kit (gauze, couple bandaids, sterile wipes)
--infant tylenol drops
--disposable burp cloths/changing pads

does that sound pretty complete? I'm going to put about 2 diapers in there, just because it *is* a diaper bag, for the love of pete! I just need to find one of those slim wipes containers. They didn't have one at target today.

big question: has anyone used aquaphor as a diaper rash ointment? I'm pretty sure that would work, right? I just love the stuff... to smooth on little scratches, chapped cheeks in the winter... but can I tell her that she can use it on diaper rash, too?

thanks for all the great suggestions!

06-01-2005, 03:05 PM
Okay, I'm a dork, so stay with me on this...

Shortly after we had my DS (he is 2.5 now) we ran out of wipes or diapers or something while we were out in town. I decided then that I would keep the cheap hospital bag stocked in my car for emergencies while we were out (just in case I forgot to refill my regular bag).

Since then, I have given "Back-up Bags" to several moms as part of their shower gift. Keep in mind, however, that I use these as a "back-up bag" and the bag is just a secondary gift, so I usually don't spend a whole lot of money on the bag. I stock it and attach the following little poem (it's sort of dumb, but funny!):

For when you're running
To and 'Fro
And your main bag is
Running low
OH NO!!!

An extra diaper
One or two
I can't hold much
but don't be blue
I'll hold enough
to get you through!

Your back-up bag
I will be
Just keep me stocked
and then you'll see
How truly handy
I can be!

For never will you
be without
An extra diaper
while out and about!

I usually include a handful of diapers, a couple of disposable changing pads, a pack of baby wipes, some diaper rash cream, a couple of burp cloths, a bib, an undershirt and little outfit, a bottle of water (for the nursing mom), and a little thing of Purell. You could also toss in there a little blanket, some nursing pads, baby socks, almost anything you can think of that you may need in case you run out of it in your regular bag.

It's kind of cheesy, but has always been a big hit with first-time moms.
Mariah P.

06-01-2005, 03:13 PM
Thanks for the suggestions! I posted my proposed list in a different reply, but I did get that jelly wrap Purell you suggested--it looks like a great invention--keeps it handy so you're not digging through the bag looking for it.

I need to find a wipes container somewhere! hmm. I don't feel like the hassle of BRU just for that. I wonder if I can dig one up in my closet somewhere. :)

I also got one of those bags of Glad (I think?) handy sacks-- to put dirty diapers in if a garbage can isn't nearby.

And I mentioned this in that other post, but I found an Icky Baby coated bib on clearance at Marshall Field's for under $5 (reg. $15), so I'm quite pleased with myself. :)

I do need to get those Shout wipes for myself!

06-01-2005, 03:17 PM
Thank you for your post! How sweet--I'd like to include that poem with our gift, if it's okay with you! :)

I like the "back-up bag" take on it--because I'm sure she's already picked up her regular one (though surely she hasn't gotten a kick-a$$ skip hop or timbuk2, like I have after visiting this website!)... I was going to go the "diaper bags should be like handbags--you can never have enough!" route, but I think the back-up bag idea is better suited for her. :)

thanks again!

06-01-2005, 04:36 PM
<I'd like to include that poem with our gift, if it's okay with you!>

Sure, please use it! I came up with it in about a half-hour. My DH laughed and said, "Boy, I could not have thought of something like that!"

I used a full sheet of paper, folded it in half length-wise, put the poem on one side and listed the bag contents on the other. I also added at the bottom of the contents side something to the extent of "Please remember to re-stock me when you use something so I'll always be ready when you are!" or something dumb like that.

Glad I could be of some help!
Mariah P.

06-01-2005, 11:11 PM
for your wipes container...
would the travel size pampers one work? we picked ours up at the supermarket but i've also seen them at Target.

i hope your friend enjoys her present, it's a great gift!