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05-31-2005, 05:47 PM
I meant to post this a couple of days ago but my poor baby has been
sick so I haven't been online. We've decided extend this discount to
members of babybags and BBB.

The discount is for 15% off any of their items, both already made
bags and custom made bags. They have NEVER offered a discount to any
group or individual so I'm happy that Robin at 1154 Lill Studio
decided(after much thought) to offer this. If you've considered
buying or making one of these bags, now's the time to do it!! :)
Really, you won't find them discounted otherwise.

Here are the details... The discount runs until Monday, June 6th.
When you check out you will enter the code "YAHOO COOP". The discount
will not show but it WILL be taken off when the credit card is
processed as long as you're sure to enter the discount code.
Standard shipping is $8. The turnaround time for custom made bags is
3 weeks. Already made bags ship immediately. You may notice some
fabrics on bags that are already made are not available. This is
because sometimes they buy a small amount of fabric and make a couple
of bags and then it's gone. They do have a nice selection of quality
fabrics though. This company gets great reviews!

I'd really prefer that this isn't posted on any other boards.(except those mentioned) I don't want it to get too out of control as she was very kind to work with us,KWIM?

Here's the link... http://www.1154lill.com/home/

Check them out...happy shopping! :)


SAHM to...
Ryan 8/14/00
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SAHM to...
Ryan 8/14/00
Matthew 2/14/03

06-06-2005, 04:13 PM
Leslie, which section do you put the code?