View Full Version : Suggestions needed...looking for something a bit larger than LE LT

06-01-2005, 07:31 PM
I posted a few days ago about backpacks and after reading all of the posts on assorted totes, etc., I'm now game for any type of bag! :) My daughter is now 19 mos and I've used a LE LT since she was born. It has been a good fit for me but now I find I'm busting out of it more often than not, with books for her, sippy cups, water bottle for me, etc. So...any recommendations for a bag that's a bit bigger than the LT but not HUGE? I have looked at the Fleurville sling tote on the web but am worried that it may be too wide for me at the top. (I have a small frame and when I held up 16" to me, it seemed awfully big.)

My tastes are generally "classic" so I'm not too into the prints but did like the look of the ST aqua stripe.

Any thoughts are very much appreciated! We're taking a family trip via plane next week and I was thinking that might be the incentive I need to finally decide on a new bag. I rely on the expertise of those who have spent way more time researching all of these bags than I have....