View Full Version : Okay my DH thinks I should be committed, can we compare bags...

06-02-2005, 08:46 AM
My dh has recently told me that this is not a normal hobbie and that I maybe should get some help for it :) I told him that I used to have a purse addiction and since I don't carry one of those anymore it has just tranfered to diaper bags. He just doesn't get it and I told him that there are many others out there who are just like me, I only wish I had people right near me who I could talk to in real life to make him believe its not just me. So anyway this is my list:

Currently in Rotation:
Alpha 7 in pink chocolate (everyday bag right now)
Skip Hop Expo in pink
LL Bean diaper bag in black
LE DIA new Style in maroon
LE LIttle Tripper in maroon
Chester Backpack in Blue belle
LL Bean child size backpack for daycare

Have had in the past and either sold or returned:
LE DIA in orange
LE LT in orange
LE backpack diaper bag
Kecci in Teal
LE large Tote
Blue backpack from hospital
LL Bean micro convertible backpack
LL Bean sling backpack

Bags I want:
Chester backpack in candy stripe
Fleurville escape pod, not sure which color
maybe a sling tote too (gold flower or aqua stripe)
Chester diaper bag ( color not decided)

WOW now that I see my list I am starting to wonder about myself too ;)