View Full Version : Another Rave for the ST

06-06-2005, 05:56 PM
I just used my ST on vacation and it was terrific. Lots of room to pack stuff in. Plus, I kept my stuff in the pockets constant and just changed the items in the middle (for the pool, for shopping, for the beach) as necessary.

However, I do have one concern. I hate that the ring for your keys is right above the cell phone/sunglass pockets. I really like keeping my sunglasses in these since it is padded, but they stick out a half inch or so. This wasn't a big deal until I used the key ring and it forced my keys to hover right on my sunglasses. So, now I have to make a choice, either use the key ring or store my sunglasses in the pocket. Just voicing my 2 cents in case someone from Fleurville looks at the boards.

Otherwise, it is a great bag. I like the amount of pockets and the elastic more than the A7, but I like the size and shape of the A7 just slightly better, so I'll have to keep both!