View Full Version : Whole Rooster 2 Red Hens Review and Hen Bag Review

06-07-2005, 03:37 PM
I finally got my whole rooster bag and my hen bag....I love them BUT....

I ordered the true blue diaper bag, but got a retro cowboy whole rooster one (I ordered a retro cowboy hen bag and got it right but I guess they messed and gave me both of the same). But I love the retro cowboy whole rooster bag so I ended up keeping it. It is too cute!!!
The whole rooster is big but not bulky to me. I did find as I repacked the bag, I carry WAY to much stuff with me!!!!! I still could carry plenty without the bag feeling stuffed or heavy. The vinyl is soft and feels nice without to plasticy. The print is nice the pockets on the whole rooster are great, very very cute. The hen bag which is the same print has yellow and green pockets on it, not my favorite, but still cute. I have 6 size 2 diapers, diaper cream, powder, diaper sacks, diaper wipes, three onesies, disposable bibs, a small receiving blanket, a timburk2 little pouch with drops,comb, nail clippers all it it, three small baby toys, an empty baby bottle, a bottle of water, a tupperware midget filled with premeasured powder, sunscreen, small travel q-tip container, two binkies, a travel silkie, a little notebook and pen, some lollipops, and DS's shot card. The bag has two large pockets on the inside, one of which was so nice and large and deep it holds six of the size 2 diapers! The outside pockets, 4 of them, are okay, One holds the nice diaper pad which is super cute on this bag, black and white polkadots!!! There are pockets on pockets which IMO won't hold to much but do look nice. I could slip my cell phone in them or my keys or maybe a bottle of water.
the inside of the whole rooster ia teal/ matching the fringe and straps, the straps are nice and feel slightly padded, but they aren't, maybe just because they are so wide and fit nicely on the shoulder. My only complaint would be the loop closure, I wish it had a zipper, but this is the first time I have owned a bag with a loop closure so maybe I will love it!
I highly recommend this bag!!!!!!! I have only packed it and taken it to my office for the day so I haven't used it much, but it is cute and very eye catching!

Now for the hen bag,
I bought mine to use as a pocketbook, I would have no idea how to use this as a diaper bag since it is to small IMO. It is a perfect purse size, I even ordered a second one since I liked the size so well, in a more girly print just for me this time!!!!
There are three pockets on the outside, one pocket is within a pocket, I am not sure if I will ever use it or not! The outside pockets are yellow and white stripped and green, not as cute as the ones on my diaper bag though. The inside does have a pocket in it. I carry my wallet, a zippered pouch, a check book, a calculater, pen and little makeup bag, all fit inside nicely with plenty of room. It fits on my shoulder well and doesn't feel heavy at all! Even with a very full change purse inside!!!! This is too cute!!! I ordered a Venus Fly Trap hen bag too! I love the retro cowboy but am slightly disappointed I didn't get the true blue, but silly me, ordered the true blue in the wrong bag, so even if I got the "right" bags I ordered. So I ordered the Venus, just for me!!!!! I see a pattern, Did I find a new bag???? I have tons of Vera bradley bags, now I think I have found a new favorite bag!!!

06-08-2005, 07:36 AM
Thanks for the review! I have been considering getting a 2RH bag for a while now! There are just too many bags out there to buy! I think I may have to add this one to my repertoire soon :)