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06-09-2005, 03:53 PM
Okay... I have stayed away from this addictive board for several months, well actually since I got my T&L large bebe (which I LOVE). Having just read through some of the posts I see there are some new bags that look extremely tempting, Fleurville ST & Clutterbags (how cute are they).

Now that I'm expecting baby #2 I would like to get another bag and still have my eye on the 2 Red Hens Whole Rooster and possibly a Hen. Is there a coop going on for these bags and if not, where is the best place to buy one? I notice there are a few little local stores in my area that supposedly carry them and I may check it out this weekend but last time the selection was limited and not the pattern/material I wanted. Also are there any pictures of the WR & Hen from members online here, empty and full?

What is the size comparison between the WR and the T&L large bebe? Would a WR be big enough for a toddler & an infant?

Also, I have a $20 gift cert burning a hole in my pocket from Lands End. I would like to get a tote for the pool/beach and was wondering if anyone has any of their totes, particularly the beach tote or even the diaper tote. Do you like it?

Thanks in advance!

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06-09-2005, 04:04 PM
If you are a light packer, a whole rooster would probably work, a hen would definately not, its a great purse size, or a light toddler bag.

I never found a good selection b&m, so online might be best. HTH.